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Chapter 718: 718

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Chapter 718: Not Appropriate To Watching Eyes

Lin Qingyuan’s eyes bulged at those words. However, before she could raise her voice for Lu Liangwei, the horse Ji Linghui was riding suddenly neighed for no apparent reason and it lifted its hooves high into the air. Ji Linghui toppled off the horse, completely caught off guard.


The noisy surroundings suddenly went silent as everyone turned to look at Ji Linghui with shock as she fell off the horse.

Lin Qingyuan was dumbfounded as well. What had just happened? Was it because the horse could not stand Ji Linghui’s arrogance as well?

Chu Jiu glanced at Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei acted as if she had not expected this as she stared at Ji Linghui, who was lying sprawled on the ground, with a shocked expression. “First Miss Ji, there is no need for this. Even if you aren’t willing to curtsy at me, I will be magnanimous and won’t hold it against you. What are you doing sprawled on the ground like this? Even if the grassy fields are soft, it’s not appropriate to watching eyes if you stay on the ground this way. You had better get up quickly.”

Ji Linghui was already seeing stars and breaking out in cold sweat after being abruptly thrown off the horse.

Her wounds had not completely healed and now that she took this rough fall, she felt as though every bone in her body was breaking.

Her lips were trembling from the pain and she looked extremely pale.

The physician had advised her to stay in bed for another half a month before her body was fully recuperated, but she could not wait any longer.

It was the Autumn Hunt and a rare opportunity for her. How could she miss out on seeing His Majesty?

However, she had ended up in a state of embarrassment before being able to follow through with her plan.

When she heard the seemingly concerned tone coming from Lu Liangwei, which was actually filled with sarcasm, the look on Ji Linghui’s face contorted unpleasantly. She banged her fist viciously on the ground and made a direct accusation. “Your Highness, how could you be so vicious? It was just a small matter that I wasn’t able to get off my horse in time to curtsy. How could you do something so cruel to me?”

Ji Lingxiu noticed what had transpired and quickly rode her horse forward. She caught Ji Linghui’s words and could not hold back as she roared at Lu Liangwei, “Lu Liangwei, you are such a wicked person! Wasn’t it enough that you were responsible for my sister being kicked out of the Palace? And now, you aren’t happy to see her doing well and caused her to fall off her horse. How could you have such vicious tendencies? A wicked person like you is not worthy of being the Empress!”

“How dare you!” Chu Jiu called out coldly. She swiftly jumped into the enclosure and yanked Ji Lingxiu, who was shouting at Lu Liangwei, off her horse. She raised her hand and gave Ji Lingxiu a sharp slap.

“How dare you think you can call the Empress by her name?! Not only did you not curtsy when facing the Empress, but you have also insulted the Empress vainly. This alone would be enough for the Empress to punish you!” Chu Jiu’s cold voice was commanding.

Ji Lingxiu was jolted after being given a hard slap, but she was not willing to back down. “I was just stating the truth.”

Chu Jiu sneered. “The truth? It sounds like you’re giving Her Highness a bad name on purpose. Why aren’t you even kneeling?”

With that, she kicked Ji Lingxiu at the back of her knee.

Ji Lingxiu’s knee gave way as she fell kneeling to the ground. She attempted to get up but Chu Jiu had sealed her pressure point and Ji Lingxiu was suddenly unable to move.

Ji Lingxiu shouted furiously, “Why did you seal my pressure point?”

Chu Jiu ignored her and returned to Lu Liangwei’s side.

Lin Qingyuan gave Chu Jiu a thumbs up. “Good job, Chu Jiu.”

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Lu Liangwei smiled as well and patted Chu Jiu on the shoulder.

The guards from the Duke Ji Mansion were shocked to see both their Misses get into trouble. One had fallen off the horse, while the other’s pressure point was sealed. They were about to approach them when they saw the cold look in the Empress’ eyes. It stopped them in their tracks; they did not dare to go any nearer.

Lu Liangwei was quite satisfied with this outcome. She turned her gaze away and moved a few steps forward toward the Ji sisters on the other side of the fence.

“Ji Lingxiu, you keep claiming that I’m a wicked person, but what evidence do you have, or did you see it with your own eyes that I’ve done something bad? I have no idea why you would claim that I’m a vicious person for no good reason.. Or, have you been coerced by someone else to do so?”

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