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Chapter 723: The Emperor’s Focus Was So Peculiar

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Chapter 723: The Emperor’s Focus Was So Peculiar
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“Weiwei, are you all right? Are you hurt?” Unaware of her strange reaction, Long Yang approached her and scanned her anxiously from head to toe.

“Why would I be hurt?” Lu Liangwei came back to her senses and asked.

“I heard that there were beasts outside the enclosure.” Long Yang frowned, but he was eventually relieved to see that she was all right.

Lu Liangwei was stunned. Had he rushed back because he was worried about her?

Warmth flooded her heart, and she shot Lin Qingyuan a glance.

Lin Qingyuan took the hint and quickly exited the place.

As for Chu Jiu, she went into the kitchen.

When they were finally alone, Lu Liangwei suddenly reached out, wrapped her arms around his waist, and raised her head to look at him. “I’m not hurt, but someone else got hurt.”

Long Yang gazed at her, and without warning, he picked her up, put her on the stone table, and lowered his head to kiss her dainty mouth.

Lu Liangwei tried to push him away, but to no avail, so she ended up letting him have his way.

When he was done kissing her, she gasped for air and asked, “Why aren’t you asking me who got hurt?”

“I’m not interested in other people’s wellbeing.” Long Yang sat her on his lap and played with her slender fingers.

As Lu Liangwei gazed at his handsome face, her fingers stirred, and she could not help raising them and brushing them across his cheek. “But the person who got hurt today used to have a bit of a connection with you.”

Long Yang grasped her misbehaving little hand and asked indifferently, “Who?”

“Ji Linghui,” replied Lu Liangwei.

Long Yang furrowed his brow. “I have nothing to do with her. Why do you say that she has a bit of a connection with me?”

“Well, she used to be one of your consorts,” Lu Liangwei reminded him. The Emperor refused to talk about Ji Linghui even in the slightest, but Ji Linghui swore that she would attract his attention. How could she be so confident?

“They’re no different from palace maids,” said Long Yang coolly.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “I guess so. But today, she came up to me to provoke me and wouldn’t even curtsy to me, so I tossed a pill toward the horse she was riding. The horse couldn’t stand the smell, so it reared and threw her off.”

“What pill?” Long Yang was suddenly fascinated.

The corners of Lu Liangwei’s mouth twitched. Why was the Emperor’s focus so peculiar? At this moment, shouldn’t he be asking if Ji Linghui was seriously injured or not?

“It’s a medicine that makes animals go mad when they smell it,” Lu Liangwei explained.

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“You made it?” Long Yang cocked an eyebrow.

“Of course.” Lu Liangwei could not help feeling a little proud.

Long Yang fell into deep thoughts.

Lu Liangwei continued, “After that, a wild boar happened to run over and rammed into Ji Linghui, which worsened her injuries. I heard that she may have to spend the rest of her life bedridden, so she’s basically crippled.”

As she spoke, she showed no trace of sympathy and seemed indifferent. However, Long Yang found nothing wrong with it as Ji Linghui had intended to hurt her last time.

Anyone who wanted to harm her deserved to die!

“Weiwei, how much of that medicine can you make?” Long Yang suddenly held her by the shoulders and asked seriously.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

After all that breath she had wasted, he did not even listen to a single word.

The thought made her feel pity for Ji Linghui.

Wishful thinking was a tragic thing indeed, and the worse part was, the other person was completely unmoved.

She threw her arms around his neck cheerfully. “As much as I want.”

“Then you can go ahead and start making it when we get back.” Long Yang planted a kiss on her smooth forehead.

Lu Liangwei blinked, quickly understanding his intentions. “You want to use it on the battlefield?”

“That’s right. Danjue may be located in the desert, but they have impressive military power. They are famous for their war horses, and their cavalry’s especially difficult to tackle,” Long Yang explained.

Lu Liangwei immediately understood.. “So you want to use my medicine to defeat their cavalry?”

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