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Chapter 732: 732

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Lu Liangwei was astonished.

It was only now that she noticed that the two birds pointed out by Chu Jiu had been shot through the throat by one arrow and were now strung up together.

Lu Liangwei turned to look at Long Yang, not bothering to hide her admiration. “Your Majesty, that was incredible!”

A pleased look flashed through Long Yang’s eyes when he saw how Lu Liangwei expressed her admiration so openly. “This is nothing.”

“This is nothing?” Lu Liangwei was stunned. His Majesty was being too humble about this. She thought of something and asked, “If three arrows are nothing, could it be that Your Majesty is able to shoot five arrows at once?”

She looked expectantly at him while saying this.

Long Yang was momentarily taken aback and he raised an eyebrow. “Do you want to see me shoot five arrows at once?”

Lu Liangwei immediately nodded and did not hold back on her praises. “I find that Your Majesty has always been able to surprise me.”

Long Yang silently removed five arrows from his quiver.

He turned back to look at her as he equipped the bow with the bolts and asked casually, “If I’m able to shoot five prey at once, what prize would I get?”

“Prize? What prize would you like?” Lu Liangwei asked in surprise.

Long Yang gave her a meaningful look. “Weiwei, you possess whatever that I desire.”

“I’ll give you anything as long as I have it,” Lu Liangwei replied matter-of-factly, unaware of what she had just offered.

A small smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips. “Alright, I’ll remember that. Don’t back out on your promise, Weiwei.”

“Save that until you’ve caught the prey.” Lu Liangwei slapped him on the arm, reminding him not to be all talk and no action.

Long Yang’s deep, soulful eyes glanced at her and he did not say another word as he pulled on the strings of his bow.

Whoosh, whoosh…

Five shots sailed through the air and the next thing they knew, birds that were supposed to be flying in the sky dropped like stones.

This time, Lu Liangwei did not wait for Chu Jiu and Chu Qi to pick up the spoils. She had already slid off the horse in excitement as she ran toward the grassy field in front of her.

However, the birds had fallen at different times, hence they dropped onto different spots on the ground.

Lu Liangwei picked up four. She spotted one more near the forest.

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She ran toward it.

Just as she was about to bend over to pick up the bird from the ground, she heard something whiz through the air behind her, accompanied by Chu Jiu’s frantic voice, “Your Highness, look out…”

Lu Liangwei gave a start as she heard the sound of arrows piercing through flesh. At the same moment, she was pressed to the ground by a massive claw.

Her eyes widened when she realized what had just pinned her down.

It was a huge, striped tiger. Its bloody mouth was inches before her. There were three arrows pierced into its body.

Those arrows were probably the ones she heard sailing through the air.

The three arrows slowed the tiger down, but they did not kill it.

Lu Liangwei had no time for fear. She pulled out her dagger decisively and plunged it forcefully into the tiger’s throat. The warm blood of the beast flowed instantly all over her hands.

A few more arrows flew toward the tiger at the same time, this time piercing its lethal points.

“Roar…” The tiger howled as it staggered two steps backward before falling to the ground.

Its huge body trembled slightly.

Lu Liangwei lay on the ground in a daze.

Long Yang rushed over to help her up.

“Weiwei, everything is fine now,” Long Yang said, his handsome face pale as he kissed her on the forehead.

Lu Liangwei broke out from her daze, and when she saw the worried look on his face, she quickly said, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Long Yang still felt worried; he checked her all over before allowing himself to feel relieved.

He could not stop her in time when she ran toward the forest.. All he could do was try to save her by shooting arrows the moment the tiger charged at her.

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