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Chapter 735: 735

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Lu Liangwei frowned. She felt uncomfortable about this.

Was the Virtuous Consort seducing His Majesty in public?

She peeped at Long Yang only to see him looking as usual, as if he had not noticed the Virtuous Consort’s intentions.

The Virtuous Consort was extremely skilled at the zither. In addition to that, the melody she played was quite unique, which earned her a huge round of applause after she was done performing.

A small smile appeared on the Virtuous Consort’s lips as she stood up gracefully. She maintained the smile as she looked over at Lu Liangwei.

“I’ve heard that the Crown Princess is well-versed with playing the zither. Unfortunately, she is feeling unwell and is unable to take part in the Autumn Hunt at Cool Mountains. Otherwise, I would have loved the opportunity to compare notes with her. The Empress and the Crown Princess are sisters. I should think that both your zither skills must be on par. I wonder if I may have the honor of listening to the Empress play a song?”

Lu Liangwei was quite amused when she heard the Virtuous Consort’s words. She secretly thought to herself that someone was finally here to stir up trouble.

“I have no idea that the Virtuous Consort admired the Crown Princess’ zither skills. This makes me wonder why you did not compare notes with her while we were in the Palace, but prefer to be reminded of this only when we are here at Cool Mountains? Besides, you and I belong to the imperial harem. We see each other every day, yet I have never heard you mention anything about wanting to listen to me play the zither. It looks like the Cool Mountains are indeed quite cool and refreshing since this place is able to help refresh people’s memory crisply, and enable them to think about things they would not usually consider.”

The look on the Virtuous Consort’s face changed.

This wretched girl had a smart mouth!

She had insinuated that the Virtuous Consort was putting up pretenses and was thinking about things that should not even cross her mind. This was obviously a warning to the Virtuous Consort not to have inappropriate thoughts toward His Majesty.

Who does Lu Liangwei think she was?

Did she really think that His Majesty belonged to her alone just because she was the Empress?

What an ambitious person!

The Virtuous Consort had been accumulating a lot of unhappiness due to her cowardice all this while and she had thought that coming to the Cool Mountains would be her biggest opportunity. After all, the Pure Consort had been grounded within the Pure Jade Palace and the Prudence Consort had been kicked out of the Palace. The only people left by His Majesty’s side at the moment were Lu Liangwei and herself. She had a winning chance no matter what.

However, she had no chance of even getting close to His Majesty the last few days.

They were to return to the Palace the next day, and if she did not seize a chance tonight, she might never have another opportunity in the future.

That was why she had played His Majesty’s song. She wanted to touch him with the melody and use the opportunity to make His Majesty finally realize that the Empress next to him was nothing but a rudimentary oaf.

Unfortunately, Lu Liangwei had no interest in competing even after hearing her words. Instead, Lu Liangwei used the Virtuous Consort’s words against herself and slandered her further.

The Virtuous Consort clenched the handkerchief in her hands and smiled as she said, “The Empress is right. Cool Mountains is a quiet and serene place that helps clear the mind and energize the soul. I believe that the Empress must be feeling magnanimous and generous after arriving here.”

She was trying to imply that Lu Liangwei was petty at heart and could not accept another person.

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Lu Liangwei nodded and did not seem to be angry by her words. Instead, she replied, “The Virtuous Consort is right. One must always learn to be magnanimous and never think about things they shouldn’t even be considering. Such a person would end up with a highly troubled mind. I’ve noticed recently during your morning greetings that the Virtuous Consort has now grown some silver hairs despite being at the peak of your youth. You must often be worried. I would like to advise you not to worry over pointless issues at such an old age. You should take care to nurture your health.”

The Virtuous Consort’s expression changed. How dare Lu Liangwei say that she was old?

Unfortunately, the Virtuous Consort was well aware that she now had a few silver hairs on her head.

However, she had done her best to carefully cover it up while doing her hair. How did Lu Liangwei notice them?

The Virtuous Consort was caught off guard and astonished at the same time.

It was as if Lu Liangwei did not notice the upset expression on the Virtuous Consort’s face as she slowly continued, “I’m not good at playing the zither, but if the Virtuous Consort would like to hear me perform, I’d be more than willing to play you a song with my flute.”

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