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Chapter 760: Integrity That He Still Possessed

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Chapter 760: Integrity That He Still Possessed

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He had no idea that his Royal Brother had been poisoned!

That would explain why his Royal Brother had not produced an heir all these years and had hurriedly appointed Long Chi as the Heir Apparent. So, this was the reason.

As for the person who had poisoned his Royal Brother, it turned out to be Empress Dowager Xiaojing.

He asked with concern upon realizing this, “How is Royal Brother’s health doing now?”

Zhao Qian darted him a thoughtful look and patted his shoulder as he replied emotionally, “You’re indeed a true brother for being so concerned about Master’s noble health, Prince of Xiangyang. Master would be very touched to know this.”

The Prince of Xiangyang felt a little self-conscious when given that look, and at the same time, he felt a little awkward. “I’m an official and Royal Brother is the Emperor. It is my job as an official to be concerned over His Majesty’s noble health. Don’t tease me about it, Butler Zhao.”

Zhao Qian grinned and said, “I know you are concerned for Master. Don’t worry, Prince of Xiangyang. Master is doing very well with his health.”

With that, Zhao Qian paused and got closer to Long Xiao. He lowered his voice and added, “Master has been hiding in the Empress’ room every night. The drumming that goes on in there would go on from nightfall to daybreak every day before it stops. Tell me, with things being like that, how do you think Master is doing?”

Long Xiao had never expected Zhao Qian to bring up his Royal Brother’s bedroom affairs. He was momentarily stunned but gave a start and began coughing lightly. Despite that, his embarrassment still showed. “Butler Zhao, it must not be easy for you to have to listen to something like this every day from my Royal Brother.”

Zhao Qian flicked at some dust specks and sighed. “Tell me about it. It isn’t easy.”

Long Xiao thought, ‘Butler Zhao is pretty brazen to be discussing Royal Brother’s bedroom affairs with another. If Royal Brother finds out, this would be the end of Butler Zhao’s reign as Head of Palace Affairs.

A look flashed in Long Xiao’s eyes as he took a box from the hands of his subordinate. He placed his arm around Zhao Qian’s shoulder and lowered his voice. “I didn’t bring anything of value with me for this trip to the capital. This box of golden leaves is a token of my sincerity to Butler Zhao. I hope you will accept this and won’t reject my offerings.”

Zhao Qian gave him a look as he accepted the box and clutched it in his arms. “How could I allow the Prince of Xiangyang to go to such trouble?”

Long Xiao watched Zhao Qian’s reaction and laughed silently. If Zhao Qian was truly concerned over this, why did he accept the gift so readily?

“This is really nothing. I do hope Butler Zhao is able to shine some light on certain situations.”

Zhao Qian smiled and nodded. “There’s always an opportunity.”

There was a saying that one must always return any favor that was given, which was integrity that Zhao Qian still possessed.

Long Xiao took the opportunity to ask, “How would my Royal Brother take care of the Empress Dowager after this?”

Zhao Qian replied, “A cup of poison wine.”

With that, he shook his sleeve to reveal a secret edict hidden within.

The look on Long Xiao’s face changed. Zhao Qian had previously shown him an imperial edict that only contained the list of crimes committed by the Empress Dowager. It had made no mention of bestowing death upon her. All it stated was that the Empress Dowager needed some peace and quiet, and would be living at the imperial holiday home from now onward.

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He had never thought that there would be another secret edict.

Just as Long Xiao was thinking about this, he suddenly heard Zhao Qian say, “His Majesty has been benevolent and filial. He has been respectfully taking care of the Empress Dowager for so many years and he never expected she would attempt to murder him. His Majesty suffered quite a blow after finding out the truth.”

Zhao Qian sighed. “Master always had a generous heart. As long as someone treats him with respect and utmost loyalty, he would treat them very well in return. However, if someone is scheming against him, Master would not be benevolent nor forgiving toward them.”

A thin layer of sweat appeared on Long Xiao’s forehead when he heard this. He had a feeling that Zhao Qian was referring to him.

Zhao Qian patted Long Xiao’s shoulder. “I still need to escort the Empress Dowager to the imperial holiday home. I won’t be holding you back any longer. You are free to return, Prince of Xiangyang.”

With that, Zhao Qian brought along his men and left Jiuhua Temple.

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