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Chapter 765: Erecting A Chastity Archway

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Chapter 765: Erecting A Chastity Archway

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Lu Yunshuang choked and reacted by reprimanding her. “Aunt Lan, don’t think that you are a mistress of the Grand Duke Mansion just because Grandmother treats you well. You’re nothing but a servant, what right do you have to lecture me?”
Aunt Lan sighed and said nothing.

It was true. She was nothing but a servant. No matter how much she did not agree with this, she did not have the right to say anything.

Lu Liangwei held Aunt Lan’s hand and stared coldly at Lu Yunshuang. “It’s important to know your limits! Lu Yunshuang, what right do you think you have to speak to Aunt Lan that way? Grandmother is only tolerating your screaming because you spent your childhood growing up in the Grand Duke
Mansion. In truth, you are the outsider. It’s one thing to be ungrateful, but you pushed the limits by stubbornly creating a scene. How thick-skinned can you be?”

The blood drained from Lu Yunshuang when she heard this. All she could do was stare at Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei returned the stare. “What’s wrong? Not happy with me? Are you thinking about how terrible I sound? And how about the words you said?”
Zeng Lunan stood there, looking a little embarrassed.

He had never thought that his daughter would reject him so thoroughly.

He felt slightly ashamed, but when he saw how angry and hurt the Dowager Duchess was, he stepped forward and said as he looked at Lu Yunshuang, “The Dowager Duchess isn’t to blame for this. If you need someone to blame, blame me. I was the one who was adamant about acknowledging you now. It
was my fault for being a coward all those years ago to allow you and your mother to be threatened by bad people. Otherwise, our family of three would not have to be separated for more than ten years with your mother ending up being murdered.”

Lu Yunshuang looked at the strange man in front of her and screamed as she went out of control, “Go away. You’re not my real father. How could you be my biological father? My father is the Grand Duke. Who do you think you are to come here pretending to be my father? Did the Dowager Duchess bribe
you or was Madam Ling the one who bribed you?”

Zeng Lunan gave her a disbelieving look and stepped back, looking small.
“T’ve revealed the truth, haven’t I?” Lu Yunshuang glared viciously at him.

“Enough!” Lu Liangwei gave her Lu Yunshuang a cold, stern stare.

“It is the truth that he is your real father. Even if you are unwilling to acknowledge that, you can’t deny the fact that he is truly your biological father.”

Lu Yunshuang replied sarcastically, “What evidence do you have to be so sure of this? Just because your mother has returned, you’re falsifying a fact just to make her feel better. You don’t really need to put so much effort into this, you’re now the Empress. You could have easily given a decree to kick me out
of the Lu Family. Wouldn’t that be much easier?”

“Lu Yunshuang, don’t act as if everyone here has wronged you and go about feeling maligned about things. What need is there to be wary of you just because my mother is back? Why would I even need to falsify such a thing? Stop being so full of yourself! Your mother, on the other hand, was the one who
had done something despicable. I should tell you about how when your mother was younger, she was sold to the brothel because her family was poor. My mother was the one who saved her and brought her to the Grand Duke Mansion.”

“However, not only was your mother ungrateful, she had even gotten herself in bed with my father. Such a disloyal traitor with disregard for the kindness shown to her. If it was you who experienced this, with your character, you probably would have made sure that person would suffer a terrible death.
But my mother is a big-hearted woman. She let your mother off, and if it wasn’t for her stopping my father, you and your mother would have been killed by him in an instant. You wouldn’t even have the opportunity to be screaming and raging about here today. No one has wronged any of you from the
very beginning. You were the ones who had wronged my mother.”

The look on Lu Yunshuang’s face turned a shade of green and red simultaneously, but she quickly sneered. “Go on, make up more stories! I’ve finally seen for myself what it looks like for a slut to erect a chastity archway for herself. It’s the perfect description of what all of you are doin;
The moment she finished her words, a ringing slap followed suit.

The entire room suddenly became silent..

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