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Chapter 778: 778

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Chapter 778: The Life Of The Country’s Noble Empress

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‘The sharp hair stick easily penetrated Lu Liangwei’s tender, snow-white skin. Fresh blood began flowing from her and dyed her front dress bright red in an instant.

Long Yang felt his eyes physically hurt when he saw this. His almond-shaped eyes narrowed slightly and a murderous rage appeared within them.

Ling Lihua, the Dowager Duchess, Aunt Lan, and the others almost stopped breathing.

“Lu Yunshuang, don’t hurt Weiwei. Let’s calm down and talk this out.” The Dowager Duchess felt nothing but pure hatred for Lu Yunshuang at that moment, but Weiwei was at her mercy right now and the Dowager Duchess had no choice but to suppress her emotions.

Lu Yunshuang was unhappy when she heard those words. Just as she guessed, the Dowager Duchess loved Lu Liangwei the most.

That pained look she showed for Lu Liangwei was annoying.

Lu Yunshuang smiled and said, “Since you love a cheap thing like Lu Liangwei so much, why not exchange your life for hers?”

Lu Liangwei’s entire body was limp and she could not move.

She had breathed in quite a lot of the powder when she rushed in front of the Dowager Duchess.

Now that Lu Yunshuang was forcefully grabbing her hair, Lu Liangwei grimaced in pain. However, her expression turned grim when she heard those words. “Lu Yunshuang, Grandmother has always treated you well. How could you say such a thing? You’re no better than a beast.”
“Why are you acting so anxious? Grandmother might not love you as much as you think. Can’t you see her hesitating?” Lu Yunshuang laughed coldly.

Lu Liangwei did not feel any unhappiness toward her grandmother just because of what Lu Yunshuang said. Instead, she said with pity, “You will only end up killing yourself after doing so much injustice! Lu Yunshuang, you should stop wasting your time. Aren’t you holding me hostage just because you
want to make your escape? Stop pretending to be the righteous one here.”

A wicked smile appeared on Lu Yunshuang’s lips. She suddenly lifted a hand to caress Lu Liangwei’s cheek. “Lil Sis, how clever of you to figure this out! Just look at you. What pretty eyes you have. And that face, such a ravishing beauty! Do you know this, Lu Liangwei? I was extremely jealous of you once
upon a time. You had the love of Father, Grandmother, and Lu Tingchen, and even Long Chi was almost taken by you. If I hadn’t done something about it, you would have been the one who married Long Chi, not me.”

A ruthless look appeared on Lu Yunshuang’s face at this point. She said sharply, “You have nothing but a pretty face. Why do you even deserve so much when you’re completely useless? You’ve got the love of His Majesty now and even your mother who had left you for so many years is now doting on you so
much. Tell me, why do you deserve this? Could it be because of your pretty little face? If I destroy it, do you think you will lose everything that you have gained?”

It pained the Dowager Duchess and Ling Lihua to watch this.
“Lu Yunshuang, don’t hurt Weiwei. Don’t you want my life? I’l give it to you. Just let Weiwei go now.” The Dowager Duchess had been sitting on the chair when she breathed in some of the Nerve Weakening Powder. She could only sit motionlessly and was unable to move at all.
The look on Lu Yunshuang’s face changed when she heard this. She sneered and said, “What a loving pair of grandmother and granddaughter! But what use do I have for your old life that refuses to die?”

With that, she pulled at Lu Liangwei’s long hair and turned to Long Yang, “Your Majesty, if you don’t want your precious little Empress to continue suffering physical pain, get someone to prepare two fast horses for me immediately. Remember not to do anything funny, and your men are not allowed to
get anywhere near me. If I see a hint of a strange movement, I’ll immediately kill Lu Liangwei. The life of the country’s noble Empress is much more valuable than mine. There’s nothing for me to lose if the Empress accompanies me to hell, so don’t try to test my patience… There’s nothing I wouldn’t do if
you make me panic!”

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