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Chapter 779: You Owe Me This Much

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Chapter 779: You Owe Me This Much

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Long Yang was acting unexpectedly calm. He raised his voice slightly and said, “Chu Qi, prepare two swift horses and get all the covert guards to stand down!”

‘The moment he was done issuing the orders, a young man in black flew in from outside.

“Yes, Master!”

Achill ran through Lu Yunshuang’s heart when she watched Chu Qi turn his back to leave.

She had no idea that Chu Qi had stayed hidden in a secret corner all this time.

Lu Yunshuang once again felt relieved that she had held Lu Liangwei hostage. Otherwise, she would never be able to get away today.

Her eyes turned toward Zeng Lunan, who had his nose and mouth covered. She spat at him with disgust, “Didn’t you want to acknowledge me? You sired me, yet you have never done your duty as a father to me. In that case, you should protect me and ensure I leave safely.”
‘The Nerve Weakening Powder in the room had dissipated by now.

Zeng Lunan put his hands down when he heard her words. There was an emotional turmoil brewing within him.

It was true that he had never done his duty as a father to Lu Yunshuang.

However, what she was doing now simply was not right.

How could she take the Empress hostage?

Also, how could she talk to the Dowager Duchess that way?

Even if they were not related by blood, the Grand Duke Family had raised her all these years. How could she be so heartless?

Zeng Lunan was now in a deep dilemma.

“You owe me this much. If it wasn’t for your cowardice, Mother and I would not have been forced here all those years ago, and I wouldn’t have ended up like this, At the end of it all, everything that is happening right now is entirely your fault!” Lu Yunshuang could tell he was hesitating and she spat those
harsh words coldly.

She did not give Zeng Lunan another look after she was done. She continued holding Lu Liangwei hostage as she walked out.
However, she failed to notice Long Yang and Ling Lihua giving each other a look behind her back as they followed Lu Yunshuang out.

Lu Liangwei had been staying silent all this while because she was trying to conserve energy.

She was already wounded and was in pain, but she was slowly accumulating the energy she had lost.

Lu Liangwei’s fingers clenched on the silver needles in her sleeve.

She pretended to still be under the influence of the Nerve Weakening Powder on the surface, acting limp and unable to walk. Lu Yunshuang was grabbing her at the waist with one hand and holding the hair stick with the other, all the while pushing it firmly against Lu Liangwei’s neck.
Chu Qi was holding the reins of two horses and waiting when they got out of the Grand Duke Mansion. There was no expression on his face when he saw Lu Yunshuang holding Lu Liangwei hostage as they marched out.

Lu Yunshuang gave a cold laugh and addressed everyone who had followed them out. “You should all retreat into the mansion, or else I’l kill Lu Liangwei now.”

With that, she pushed the hair stick in her hand against Lu Liangwei’s neck once more.

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Fresh blood once again soaked up the front of Lu Liangwei’s dress.

There was concern in Long Yang’s eyes. He reached out to stop Ling Lihua, who was about to make a move, and they both retreated into the Grand Duke Mansion.

Lu Yunshuang turned her attention to Chu Qi once again when she saw this. “You should retreat too.”

Chu Qi darted a cold look at her and walked toward the mansion without saying a word.

All of a sudden, Lu Yunshuang felt pain coming from the hand she was using to grab Lu Liangwei’s waist.

‘When she realized what had transpired, her hand with the hair stick began to viciously stab at Lu Liangwei’s neck.

“Die, Lu Liangwei!”

However, her hands suddenly went numb before she had a chance to penetrate Lu Liangwei’s veins.

Lu Yunshuang was shocked. At the same time, the swift swing of a sword came slicing through the air.

Lu Yunshuang felt an intense pain in her arm, and the next thing she knew, she was looking at her right arm that had been sliced off cleanly from her shoulder. Her arm flew through the air in an arc and fell heavily to the ground.

“Ahh…” Lu Yunshuang screamed shrilly. The corner of her eye spotted the Emperor wielding a sharp sword that was covered in blood. He was also holding Lu Liangwei, who was standing by his side..

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