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Chapter 780: A Hidden Threat In The Future

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Chapter 780: A Hidden Threat In The Future

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The sound of weapons clashing rang out at the same time.

“shuang’er, run!” Zeng Lunan shouted hysterically while fending off Chu Qi.

Lu Yunshuang was still his daughter no matter what. He was not able to stand by and watch her die.

“Do you think you can escape?” Ling Lihua cried. With a shake of her sleeves, two sharp daggers shot out separately toward Lu Yunshuang’s vital organs.


The sound of sharp blades piercing through flesh was heard. Lu Yunshuang’s eyes widened and she fell facedown to the ground.

Ling Lihua lowered her hands and her voice was filled with fury. “How dare you touch my daughter?! You should have suffered a fate worse than death!”
“shuang’er…” Zeng Lunan called out in sorrow when he saw this. Not caring if Chu Qi’s sword would pierce through his heart, he lunged recklessly toward where Lu Yunshuang was.
Lu Yunshuang still had some life in her. Her mouth bubbled with blood as she glared straight at him, “Get… Get… Revenge… For… Me.”2

With that, her head fell to the side and she stopped breathing.

Zeng Lunan’s eyes were filled with a fury for vengeance, but he said nothing. He reached out to close his daughter’s glaring eyes, then he carried her in his arms and tured to Long Yang. “Your Majesty, my daughter is now dead. Please grant me, a lowly commoner, permission to take her away for a proper

Long Yang said nothing but gave Chu Qia look.
Chu Qi stepped forward and checked Lu Yunshuang’s pulse. He finally nodded when he was sure that her heart was not beating.

Long Yang said to Zeng Lunan when he saw this, “Lu Yunshuang has done many evil deeds, even attempting to take the Empress hostage. She has committed every conceivable crime possible and is guilty beyond forgiveness. Even her death would not be able to make up for the terrible sins she has
committed. However, I am willing to allow this for her and let you give her body a proper burial for the sake of the Dowager Duchess.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Zeng Lunan placed Lu Yunshuang’s body onto the back of the horse after thanking Long Yang. He picked up her severed arm from the ground before leaving on his mount.
Once they had dispersed, Long Yang carried Lu Liangwei in his arms and gave Chu Qi a look before he strode back into the Grand Duke Mansion.

“Madam, Weiwei’s neck is wounded. Please help her bandage it.”

Ling Lihua would have bandaged it without waiting for Long Yang to tell her. She quickly followed behind him and entered the Grand Duke Mansion as well.

Chu Qi did not follow them and instead mounted another horse. He rode in the direction that Zeng Lunan left and gave chase.

Zeng Lunan had hidden it very well, but his actions had not escaped his master’s eyes.

Moreover, his biological daughter had died in front of his eyes and with her dying breath, she requested revenge. Zeng Lunan would definitely be a threat in the future.

Zeng Lunan might blame Lu Yunshuang’s death on Madam Ling and Her Highness, and return one day to seek revenge from them.


His master would never allow a hidden threat like him to exist!

Inside the mansion.

Long Yang had carried Lu Liangwei directly to Dusklight Court.

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Lu Liangwei looked pale and had bled profusely from the neck. Her complexion looked pretty frightening.

Lu Liangwei examined the man’s thin, pursed lips. There was a concealed rage in his eyes and she could not help but say, “I’m fine. There’s no need for you to worry.”

Long Yang said nothing.

Lu Liangwei sighed.

She knew he was mad at her for acting rash earlier.

She had used all the strength she could muster to pierce Lu Yunshuang’s arm with the silver needles that had been coated with an anesthetic while Lu Yunshuang was pushing her up the horse.

The effect of the Nerve Weakening Powder had not worn off completely and Lu Liangwei had only gathered a minor surge of strength through the pain all over her body. If things had gone wrong and she did not manage to pierce her flesh, it would have alerted Lu Yunshuang, who would have not
hesitated to harm her on the spot.

If that happened, Lu Liangwei would have been in greater danger than she already was.

Even though she managed to pierce Lu Yunshuang, if the anesthetic had not worked so quickly, Lu Yunshuang would have killed her first..

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