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Chapter 783: In His Eyes, He Was Already A Dead Person

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Chapter 783: In His Eyes, He Was Already A Dead Person


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“All right.” Lu Liangwei was delighted. The pain in her neck seemed to have vanished, and she closed her eyes and drifted off peacefully.

After pulling the covers over her, Long Yang took a book and sat by her to keep her company.

Meanwhile, in the small medicinal room, Ling Lihua was using whatever materials she had at hand to prepare both externally-applied and orally-administered medications for Lu Liangwei.
Although she had applied her self-made wound infection medication, it was still necessary to use other medicinal materials to prevent scarring.

She also planned to develop an antidote for the Nerve Weakening Powder.

Weiwei, the Dowager Duchess, and the others had breathed in the powder and had yet to regain their strength.

Although the Nerve Weakening Powder would not cause any severe harm to the body, taking the antidote would help speed up recovery.

Fortunately, there was already a handful of materials stored in the medicinal room, and soon, Ling Lihua produced the antidote.

The suburbs.

Zeng Lunan stared at the boy blocking his path in surprise.

Just now, when they fought outside the gates of the Grand Duke Mansion, he was quick to realize that he was no match for this boy, who was remarkably skilled in martial arts despite his young age.
“What do you want?” Suppressing his astonishment, he asked coldly.

This boy worked for the Emperor, and his sudden appearance here gave him a sense of foreboding.

‘The Emperor did not want him to live.

Although the Emperor had let him go in front of the Grand Duke Mansion just now, it was probably out of respect for the Dowager Duchess that he did not want to finish him off right then and there. After all, there was no reason for the Emperor to kill him since Shuang’er was already dead.
Therefore, he pretended to release him, but he secretly sent someone else to pursue and exterminate him.

Ina split second, all kinds of thoughts flurried through Zeng Lunan’s mind. Tightening his hold on his daughter’s body, he sneered. “What a despicable hypocrite the Emperor is! Since he doesn’t plan to let me go, why bother pretending just now?”
Chu Qi had no intention of arguing with him. In his eyes, he was already a dead person.

If Master wanted this person dead, then he must die.

Without another word, he whipped out his sword.

Zeng Lunan broke out in a cold sweat.

Just now, he had already fought this boy and knew well how terrifying he was. He would not stand a chance at all.

Was he going to die here together with his daughter today?

Without giving him time to think, Chu Qi’s sword advanced toward him swiftly.

Gritting his teeth, he shot his arm out to block it, ready to sacrifice a limb to buy himself more time.

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Just then, a dark figure emerged behind Chu Qi, stirring a gust of wind as he thrust his sword toward the latter’s heart.

Chu Qi sensed it and immediately swung around to parry the blow.


‘The two swords clashed and produced a grating screech.

“Go!” Jiang Chong shouted to Zeng Lunan.

Coming to his senses, Zeng Lunan grabbed the reins and bolted off on his horse.

Chu Qis indifferent expression wavered, and he brandished his sword, sending a powerful blast of sword intent in Jiang Chong’s direction.

Jiang Chong darted backward, but he was still injured by the blast and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

He had long known that this child was highly skilled in martial arts, and he finally got to experience the extent of his power today.

He wiped away the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth, not daring to confront Chu Qi head-on anymore. Zeng Lunan had already escaped with Lu Yunshuang, anyway.
This was all he could do for now – he still had to rush back and protect the Crown Prince.

Chu Qi wasted no more attention on him either, and with a leap, he landed back on his horse and galloped after Zeng Lunan.

‘There was a grim expression on his face.

He had failed to complete the task Master had entrusted to him.

The Grand Duke Mansion.

When Lu Liangwei woke up from her nap, she found that her wound was no longer so painful.

Ling Lihua had finished developing the antidote as well. Shortly after taking it, Lu Liangwei regained her full strength..

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