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Chapter 784: 784

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Chapter 784: What If I Need To Go To The Lavatory


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‘The Dowager Duchess, Aunt Lan, and Zhao Qian regained their strength too after taking the antidote.

‘When the Dowager Duchess heard that Lu Liangwei was injured, she refused to rest and immediately came over with Aunt Lan to see her.

However, at this moment, Lu Liangwei had received orders from Long Yang to lie still in bed and not go anywhere.

“It’s just my neck that got injured. Other than that, I’m fine. I don’t want to lie down all the time.” Lu Liangwei lay in bed, looking at the man beside her gloomily.

“All the more reason you should lie down. If you keep moving around, your wound’s not going to recover.” Long Yang shot her a look, his brow furrowed.

Lu Liangwei knew that he was worried about her, and after a pause, tugged at his sleeve and whispered, “Then what if I need to go to the lavatory?”

Long Yang was taken aback by her sudden question, but he soon recovered his senses and replied with feigned calmness, “I’ll carry you.”

“No way,” Lu Liangwei rejected his offer right away.

It would be weird to use the toilet while being carried by the Emperor. “My neck’s injured, not my legs.”

“Now now, be a good girl.” Long Yang leaned over to take her into his arms.

Lu Liangwei jumped in surprise and hurriedly scooted away from him.

Startled, Long Yang quickly held her down by the shoulders and scolded her with a frown, “Are you trying to make your injury even worse?”

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei did not dare to move anymore. Looking at him with her beautiful eyes, she explained in a low voice, “Well, it was because you tried to carry me! I was just asking, it’s not like I want to go to the lavatory now.”
Long Yang knitted his brow. “Really?”

“Really,” said Lu Liangwei firmly.

Even if she wanted to go, she would not tell him.

Long Yang stared hard at her for a while, and just when he was about to lean over, the Dowager Duchess and Aunt Lan walked in.

“Weiwei, are you all right? Does your wound hurt?”

Hearing their voices, Long Yang straightened up hastily and backed away slightly.

Lu Liangwei exhaled in relief. Thank goodness Grandmother arrived in time.

Was the Emperor trying to kiss her?

Her face heated up, and she hurriedly said, “Grandmother, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

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The Dowager Duchess sat down on the edge of the bed and examined her neck, relieved to see that it had been bandaged and that her complexion was healthy.

Holding her hand, she said, “I’m just glad you’re fine.”

“Don’t worry, Grandmother. I couldn’t be better.” After saying that with a grin, Lu Liangwie asked, “Are you and Aunt Lan all right?”

“We’re fine. We were just a little weak because we breathed in that Nerve Weakening Powder, but after taking the antidote, we’ve regained our strength,” the Dowager Duchess replied kindly.
“That’s good to hear.” Lu Liangwei was glad.

Glancing at the Emperor standing beside them, the Dowager Duchess thought for a while, then patted Lu Liangwei’s hand and said, “If you’ve already recovered, you should return to the palace with His Majesty as soon as possible. We’ve wasted too much time today.”
Lu Liangwei wanted to explain that she should not move around for now, but Long Yang spoke first, “I meant to do so. Since you’ve already recovered, Grandmother, I’ll return to the palace with Weiwei first.”

Lu Liangwei

Didn’t he just order her not to move around and lie in bed instead? How come he changed his mind and wanted to go back with her now?

She shot him an indignant look.

“Very well.” The Dowager Duchess stood up.

Lu Liangwei parted her lips slightly in protest. She had been hoping to spend more time with her grandmother.

After everything that had happened today, Grandmother must be upset.

‘The Dowager Duchess understood her concern and smiled. “Am I that weak to you? Some people are better off dead, so I’m not sad. Besides, I have your mother to keep me company.”
Lu Liangwei could only give up.

After returning to the palace, Long Yang tucked Lu Liangwei into bed. As soon as he came out of his sleeping quarters, he saw that Chu Qi had returned.

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