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Chapter 785: 785

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Chapter 785: He Rarely Missed

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Seeing him come out, Chu Qi stepped forward to give his report. “Zeng Lunan escaped.”

Long Yang was surprised. Although Zeng Lunan was a man of the martial world, he should have stood no chance against Chu Qi, so how on earth did he escape?

“What happened?”

“Jiang Chong suddenly appeared and delayed me, and when I finally broke free and gave chase, Zeng Luman was already gone.” Chu Qi was full of guilt.

Long Yang understood his frustration. Despite his young age, he rarely missed, so it was normal for him to be upset about the fact that an ordinary man like Zeng Lunan had gotten away from him.

“Since he’s escaped, so be it. No need to dwell on it,” Long Yang reassured him calmly.

However, it was strange that Jiang Chong had returned to the imperial capital to rescue Lu Yunshuang instead of staying by Long Chis side to protect him.

Fora while, Long Yang was deep in thought.

“Master, I think there’s something suspicious about Lu Yunshuang,” Chu Qi piped up.

Long Yang’s gaze flickered toward him, “What did you find?”

Chu Qi replied, “Zeng Lunan didn’t seem to want to bury Lu Yunshuang anywhere in the suburbs. In fact, he looked like he wanted to bring her somewhere else.”

Long Yang pondered in silence for a moment before asking, “You think Lu Yunshuang’s still alive?”

“It’s just my guess.” Chu Qi was also uncertain. However, Zeng Lunan’s actions were indeed suspicious.

All of them had witnessed Ling Lihua’s flying dagger penetrating Lu Yunshuang’s heart outside the gates of the Grand Duke Mansion. To be safe, Chu Qi had even checked Lu Yunshuang’s breathing to confirm that she was indeed dead.
Long Yang remembered something the Dowager Duchess said – that Zeng Lunan had only survived back then because he had acquired the Art of Breath-Holding.

In that case, could it be possible that Zeng Lunan knew a way to change another person’s breathing and pulse?

“Zhao Qian, bring Lu Yunshuang’s maidservant to me,” Long Yang suddenly ordered.

“Yes, Master.” Zhao Qian was just beside them and had naturally heard his master and Chu Qi’s conversation. At his master’s order, he immediately headed to the Eastern Palace.

Meanwhile, Lu Liangwei had lain in the bedchamber for a while and was growing bored. She had taken a nap in the Grand Duke Mansion, so there was not a single ounce of sleepiness in her now. After thinking for a moment, she sat up in bed.
Seeing this, Zhu Yu rushed forward to support her, her heart aching at the sight of the bandages on her neck. “How did you get hurt, Miss? All you did was take a trip to the Cool Mountains.”

During this Autumn Hunt, she merely stayed in the palace and did not follow.

“Tm fine. It’s just a minor injury.” Explaining how she got injured would be too much work, so Lu Liangwei saved herself the trouble and made a move to stand up. “I want to go out for a walk.”

Zhu Yu stopped her quickly and reminded, “But before His Majesty left, he told you not to go anywhere and just rest.”

“Excuse me, who’s your mistress now? Do you listen to him or me?” Lu Liangwei was a little irked.

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She had indeed injured her neck, but it was not even that serious. There was no way she could just lie in bed until the wound healed.

Sensing her mistress’s annoyance, Zhu Yu grinned and said, “I usually listen to you, but you’re injured now, and I agree with His Majesty, so I’ll listen to him. You should just lie down and rest obediently so your wound can heal faster.”
“..” Lu Liangwei felt a little dizzy listening to her.

“Please lie down, Miss.” Seeing that Lu Liangwei had gone quiet, Zhu Yu helped her onto her back carefully.

However, Lu Liangwei suddenly grabbed her wrist. “Zhu Yu.”

Taken aback, Zhu Yu could not help feeling flustered at the sight of her grave expression. “Wh… What’s wrong?”

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