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Chapter 794: 794

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Chapter 794: It Was A Look Familiar to Long Yang


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Chu Yi took some time thinking before saying, “Who was that girl who walked at the very front of your group? Which aristocrat’s daughter was that?”

Zhu Yu did not expect him to ask this question based on his serious tone.

When she heard it, she could not help but feel a little wary. “Are you asking about Beauty Chen? Isn’t she the Miss from the Duke Chen Family? Don’t you know that?”

“The Duke Chen Family?” Chu Yi took quite a while before putting the pieces together and his eyes widened.

“Are you talking about Chen Qiyu?”

Zhu Yu nodded and she got even more annoyed. “That’s right. What about her?”

Chu Yi was embarrassed as he waved it off. “Nothing, nothing.”

‘The beautiful girl that brightened his eyes was actually Chen Qiyu?

The thought of her reminded him of the time he had hidden on her rooftop with Chu Qi, where they had witnessed a rather steamy scene.

Achill ran through Zhu Yu as she watched the look in his eyes get more obscene by the minute and she quickly ran off.

Long Yang had been quite busy the last few days.

‘With the Crown Prince deposed, he had to rearrange responsibilities in the imperial court. He had also done some spring cleaning by getting rid of a few parties who supported Long Chi.

However, it was at this time that those stubborn old men chose to submit Palace Memorials one by one, requesting him to fill up his imperial harem.

He threw another harem-related Palace Memorial to the side and pinched the spot between his eyebrows. He got up and left the imperial study.

The sky had turned slightly darker when he arrived at Grand Phoenix Palace. Lu Liangwei was reclining on the soft bed in the outer room when he entered the bedchamber. She was holding a book on medicine but was not reading it. It looked like she was in a daze.
“A penny for your thoughts.” Long Yang walked over and bent down to kiss her on the forehead.

Lu Liangwei immediately gave a start. She remembered what Lin Qingyuan had told her and looked at him with a small smile. She said shortly, “The food is getting cold. Have something to eat first.”
Long Yang raised an eyebrow but did not say anything. He reached out to help her down from the bed.

‘After they were done with their meal, Lu Liangwei noticed the tired look on his face. She swallowed the words she was about to say and instead talked about what happened with Chen Qiyu today.
“By the way, Chen Qiyu came to me today with a request. She does not want to go to Xuyang. I’d like to help her out, but I have to get your opinion about this mainly because of the child in her womb…” Lu Liangwei was slightly hesitant.
She knew very well that His Majesty would take care of Long Chi sooner or later.

Even though Long Chi had been demoted to the Prince of Xuyang, he was still the son of Crown Prince Jianzhang. There must still be supporters of his in the imperial court.

As for Long Chi, he was not someone who would easily give up his wild ambitions. He would definitely try to make a comeback one day.

Lu Liangwei could help Chen Qiyu fake her death and escape, but the child in her womb was of the royal bloodline, after all. The child could even be Long Chi’s one and only heir. Long Yang wanted to have Long Chi suppressed and naturally could not tolerate such a troublesome existence.
Even though the child was innocent, she did not want her soft-heartedness to bring any trouble to His Majesty.

That was why she did not promise Chen Qiyu anything.

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Long Yang understood what she meant and held her hand. “Weiwei, go ahead and do whatever you think is right. There’s no need to have any qualms.”

Lu Liangwei saw the indulgent look in his eyes and felt a warmth in her heart. She would never have thought His Majesty would be so laid-back about this. He did not even question her once.

It was clear how much he trusted her.

Since His Majesty put so much trust in her, how could she bring herself to do anything that would cause him trouble?

She made her decision and nodded. “Alright. I know what I should do.”

Long Yang caressed her face. He had been quite busy the last few days and only had time to accompany her at night. He did not want her to spend her time thinking about another person.

He reached out and pulled her over to sit on his thigh.. He remembered the hesitant look on her face when he had entered the room and asked gently, “Weiwei, what else were you thinking about asking me?”

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