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Chapter 795: 795

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Chapter 795: Long Yang Lost His Calm

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Lu Liangwei paused, and when she looked into his eyes which seemed to see through everything, she gave some thought before saying, “I heard that many court officials have submitted Palace Memorials requesting you to fill up the imperial harem. Is this true?”
Lu Liangwei smiled bitterly at this.

She knew His Majesty’s thoughts about this, but she could not help brooding over it.

It was probably because women were sensitive creatures.

Long Yang was slightly surprised when he heard this.

He had never thought that such matters would reach her ears.

However, he remembered that Lin Qingyuan had entered the Palace today and suddenly knew where the news had come from.

He sighed as he looked at the gir!’s slightly troubled little face. “So, this was the matter that has been troubling you. It’s all my fault.”

Lu Liangwei was perplexed. “How is this your fault?”

“Nothing like this that makes you feel miserable will happen again from tomorrow onward,” Long Yang promised her.

Lu Liangwei was slightly astonished.

“You don’t believe me?” Long Yang lowered his forehead to gently press it against hers.

Lu Liangwei gave a start and shook her head. “Of course not.”

She decided to tell him everything she was thinking about.

“actually believe you, Your Majesty, but you know how girls are petty. Any little news and I can’t help but overthink things.”

A smile crossed Long Yang’s deep, dark eyes as he teased, “How small is your petty heart, Weiwei?”

Lu Liangwei cocked her head to the side and gave this some thought. She looked serious as she replied, “Probably small enough to only accommodate you alone, Your Majesty.”
Long Yang’s breath was caught for a moment as the look in his eyes turned deeper. He said delightedly, “Weiwei, are you saying that you only have me in your heart?”

Lu Liangwei bit her lip as she looked at the gentle expression on his face. She blushed and nodded. “Yes.”

Long Yang’s fatigue vanished in an instant when he heard this. His heart was filled with joy as he caressed her petite face in his hands and said, “Weiwei, give me a child.”

With that, he lowered his head to kiss her.

Lu Liangwei was locked in his embrace for some time, then she felt a coolness on her shoulder; only then did she realize that her clothes had been slipped off from her.

‘When she saw that the man was not planning to stop, her heart started beating wildly. This position

She bit her lip and made a decision. She grabbed his large hand and used it to cover her tummy. There was a cunning smile in her eyes as she said breathlessly, “There might already be one in here.”

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Long Yang was taken aback as he stopped his invasion of her. It took quite a while for the lust in his eyes to dissipate and he pulled her dress back up, although it was already messed up. He clutched her on the shoulders and said exasperatedly, “Are you making fun of me, Weiwei
Lu Liangwei replied seriously, “I’m telling the truth.”

Her period had always been quite punctual every month. The last time she had it was at the beginning of the last month, but half of this month had already passed and she still had not had her period. So, she had checked her own pulse. She was positive that it was a pregnancy pulse.
She had initially planned to wait for a few more days before informing His Majesty about it as it was still too early. However, with what was happening now, she had no choice but to reveal the secret she had been keeping for the last few days.

Long Yang was stunned as he looked at her. He suddenly thought of something and felt skeptical. “But Zhao Qian once told me that a pregnant woman would always be throwing up. You seem to be normal as usual, so why.

Lu Liangwei could not help but laugh out loud when she heard this. “Your Majesty, when a woman is pregnant, many would suffer morning sickness in the beginning—some also can’t tolerate fishy smells—but there are also some who go through their days normally without any such thing. I’m probably
in the latter group.”

“Have you checked your pulse?”

“Yes, I did.”

He stared at the girl’s face, which seemed way too calm. Long Yang was still a little unwilling to believe it.
“You’re not lying to me?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “Of course not..”

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