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Chapter 812: 812

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Chapter 812 Whisper Words Into His Majesty’s Ears

“Yes, Grand Duke,” Wang He felt slightly helpless. He knew that Princess Wanyan had angered the Grand Duke tremendously. “Princess Wanyan, please follow me!”

Wanyan Luosang did not give up. She looked at Lu Hetian’s upset expression and asked, “Why would you be so angry, Grand Duke? Who was that woman just now?” Lu Hetian could not be bothered talking to her. He informed the Dowager Duchess that he was about to leave and walked out.

Wanyan Luosang immediately gave chase when she saw this. “Wait for me, Grand Duke.” Wang He did not dare delay this any longer. He quickly stopped Wanyan Luosang before the Grand Duke lost his temper.

“Is there a need for this, Princess Wanyan?”

Wanyan Luosang was feeling unhappy being blocked by him. She glared at him hearing what he had just said. “What has this got to do with you?”

Wang He could only chuckle in his heart. “It does have nothing to do with me, but when you end up creating trouble for the Grand Duke, it will have something to do with me.”

He paused and continued in a harsher tone, “Princess, if you do not want to embarrass yourself, I would advise that you leave quickly before the Grand Duke loses his temper. If things get out of hand, it would not look good for everyone!” Princess Wanyan hesitated. Even though she was unwilling to leave, at least she now knew her way to the Grand Duke Mansion. Leaving now would not affect anything.

Wanyan Luosang suddenly thought of that beautiful woman on her way back to the courier hostel. She could not help but turned to Wang He to ask, “Hey, who was that woman just now? The Grand Duke seemed to care a lot for her.”

“She’s the Duchess,” Wang He replied calmly.

“But I heard that the Duchess had passed away more than a decade ago,” Wanyan Luosang said with slight astonishment.

“That’s just what you heard. It’s not true.” Wang He would never share the story with an outsider, so he gave a casual reply.

“She is very beautiful,” Wanyan Luosang said with some feeling.

Wang He took a look at her expression and could not help advising her. “Princess Wanyan, you should just give up on our Grand Duke. He loves the Duchess very much and would never be interested in you.”

“How would you know?” Wanyan Luosang was not happy about this. It took her quite a while to finally meet a man she liked. There was no reason for her to admit defeat.

“Our Second Miss is around your age,” Wang He reminded her.

“Moreover, the Grand Duke doesn’t like young girls.” If he did, the Grand Duke would not be living the way he did today. There has never been another woman by his side other than Madam Zheng, and even Madam Zheng got where she was using underhanded tactics. Now that the Grand Duke had finally cleared the misunderstanding with his wife, he would never allow a young girl to get near him and end up angering his wife.

“I know that your Second Miss is the current Empress,” Wanyan Luosang said.

Wang He thought in his heart that she was finally understanding the circumstance.

His Second Miss was no ordinary woman. If this Princess Wanyan had crossed the Duchess, Second Miss would whisper words into His Majesty’s ears and this battle, which had just reached a ceasefire, might be reignited.

“Is your Empress an incredible person?” Wanyan Luosang suddenly asked.

“She’s pretty fine,” Wang He answered vaguely.

Wanyan Luosang pondered. “I’ve heard that your Emperor dotes on her very much.”

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“This is a fact that everyone is aware of,” Wang He replied.

Wanyan Luosang pouted. “Won’t I be even more incredible if I became her stepmother? The stepmother of Great Shang’s Empress.”

Wang He gave her a slightly shocked and frightened look. This Princess Wanyan must not want to return to Danjue alive. It took him quite a while before attempting to test the waters. “So, you’ve been harassing the Grand Duke all the way here not because you like him?”

“Who said that? I do truly like him. He is the most amazing man I’ve met besides my Big Brother,” Wanyan Luosang did not hold back her feelings.

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