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Chapter 817: 817

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Chapter 817 She Was Pleased By What The Emperor Said

Lu Liangwei raised an eyebrow at the sight of the girl blocking their path.

From the ethnic elements on her costume, she could guess her identity without the need for an introduction.

This girl was none other than the Danjue Princess who had been pestering Father and even angered Mother by showing up at the Grand Duke Mansion today. She was about the same age and height as Lu Liangwei, but she was clearly livelier and more youthful, and she had a pair of lovely black almond eyes.

Lu Liangwei had to admit that this Danjue Princess was rather striking.

Without sparing a glance at Lu Liangwei, Wanyan Luosang fixed her alluring eyes on Long Yang and declared without hesitation, “I’ve taken a fancy to you, Emperor of Great Shang!”

Lu Liangwei was stunned for a moment before shooting Long Yang a glance, a faint smile on her lips. Long Yang’s face remained impassive and showed no surprise or delight at Wanyan Luosang’s confession. He threw her an intimidating look and spoke in a voice frostier than the falling snow, “I’m afraid you’re quite ill, Princess Wanyan!” He then ordered Zhao Qian, “Summon an imperial physician to examine Princess Wanyan. Let’s not ruin our New Year because of her.”

Lu Liangwei’s eyes glimmered with a hint of a smile. She could not deny that she was pleased by what the Emperor said.

Princess Wanyan was indeed ill!

“Yes, Master,” Zhao Qian answered readily before turning to Wanyan Luosang. “Please wait in the side hall for a while, Princess Wanyan. I’ll get an imperial physician to examine you right away.”

However, Wanyan Luosang was not angered. She merely stroked the braids in front of her chest and beamed at Long Yang. “You talk so interestingly, Your Majesty. I’m perfectly healthy, and I’ve rarely fallen ill all my life, but I appreciate your concern. Don’t bother calling an imperial physician for me.”

Lu Liangwei was almost impressed by her shamelessness. The Emperor had made his dislike for her so blatant, yet she could still feign ignorance and even deliberately misinterpret his words.

She did not try to hide her amusement at all.

Seeing this, Long Yang lowered his head and asked her, “What’s so funny?”

Lu Liangwei winked at him. “It’s nothing; I just suddenly remembered a case I read about in a book. There’s an illness called delusional disorder, and those suffering from it would have hallucinations or fantasize about people or things that don’t belong to them. However, they have no idea that they’re ill.”

Long Yang could tell that she was calling Wanyan Luosang delusional but was doing it without using a single word of profanity. A pleased look flickered in his eyes, and he squeezed her fingers. “You’re right, my Empress. I think Princess Wanyan may be suffering from this very illness.” Wanyan Luosang was initially unaware that Lu Liangwei was criticizing her, but after hearing Long Yang’s reply, she finally realized what Lu Liangwei was implying. Once again, instead of getting angry, she looked at Lu Liangwei playfully.

“I heard that you’re about the same age as me, Your Highness. May I know which month you were born in? Which one of us is older?”

Lu Liangwei was taken aback by her disregard for the criticism and her sudden interest in her birthday.

Seeing Lu Liangwei sizing her up, Wanyan Luosang stepped forward and reached out intimately for her hand.

“Sister Empress…”

The unexpected term of address made Lu Liangwei glance at her in surprise.

However, before Wanyan Luosang could touch her, Lu Liangwei was pulled into Long Yang’s embrace. Without sparing a glance at Wanyan Luosang, he muttered to Lu Liangwei, “Let’s


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“All right.”

Just when they were about to leave, Wanyan Luosang turned to approach Long Yang.

Long Yang’s deep eyes glinted with a cold menace and a hint of murderous intent.

Right at that moment, Wanyan Jin caught up to Wanyan Luosang and grabbed her arm warningly. “Watch your manners, Sister!”

Wanyan Luosang could only give up her attempt to get close to Long Yang.

Wanyan Jin turned around to face Long Yang and Lu Liangwei.

“I apologize for my sister’s lack of manners. Please forgive her!” Long Yang shot him a frosty look.

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