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Chapter 821: 821

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Chapter 821 The Uncomfortable Atmosphere In The Audience Hall

Long Yang and Lu Liangwei were already seated in their high seats.

It was as if nothing had happened just now as everyone sat down in their respective seats.

Wanyan Jin and his sister, as well as the entire Danjue diplomatic envoy, took their seats as


When Long Qingzhi entered with Wanyan Zhi, the smile on her face instantly disappeared when she spotted Wanyan Jin.

Long Qingzhi hugged her young son tightly in her arms, as if afraid his bad memories would return at the sight of Wanyan Jin.

Wanyan Luosang, however, was quite delighted to see her, and even greeted her out loud. “Qingzhi.”

Wanyan Luosang’s father had sired her at an old age and she was his youngest child. Her age was younger than that of the Danjue Prince, but according to seniority, the Danjue Prince had to call her ‘Aunt’. Naturally, Long Qingzhi would need to call her ‘Aunt’ while Wanyan Zhi had to address her as ‘Grandaunt’.

Nevertheless, Long Qingzhi had never been able to address someone so much younger than her as ‘Aunt’, which was why she would always call out Wanyan Luosang by her name instead. However, now that there was a feud between Long Qingzhi and Wanyan Jin, the feeling was extended to Wanyan Luosang, which was why Long Qingzhi chose to ignore her.

This was because Wanyan Luosang had always obeyed Wanyan Jin. From Long Qingzhi’s perspective, these two were in cohorts even though Wanyan Luosang was barely fifteen.

Long Qingzhi ignored Wanyan Luosang and turned a deaf ear toward her greeting.

Wanyan Luosang could not help but feel a little dejected when she saw this.

She still liked this niece-in-law of hers very much. Even though Long Qingzhi was much older than she was, Qingzhi was very gentle in nature, which was completely different from the women in Danjue. Not to mention, Wanyan Luosang was able to speak the Chinese language very well because she was taught by Long Qingzhi.

Wanyan Luosang was quite depressed about everyone’s relationships turning so tense.

Tonight was the Lunar New Year’s eve, and due to the Danjue diplomatic envoy joining them, the banquet was grander than usual.

Not only were there singing and dancing, but there were also some special performances popular with the common folk. It was a lively night, but as Lu Liangwei was heavier from pregnancy, she got tired more easily. She was watching the performances enthusiastically one moment, but the next, she was yawning over and over. However, she had no choice but to suppress the fatigue as she was under the public eye.

Long Yang had noticed this and when he saw her getting tired, he wanted to immediately get up and escort her back. However, before he could say anything, Wanyan Luosang suddenly stood up at the exact moment while holding a cup of wine in her hands.

“The Emperor of Great Shang, thank you for your hospitality. I would like to give you a toast.”

She was dressed in a brightly colored attire of a different culture, which made her stand out brilliantly in the huge Palace.

Wanyan Luosang had a girlishly pretty face matched with a sassy personality. It was incomparable to the demure ladies of Great Shang

The only issue was, when she looked at the Emperor, there was admiration in her eyes that had no room for anyone else. This attracted speculation from everyone present.

She had been chasing the Grand Duke during the day, announcing that she would marry him. Many had witnessed this, but now, her attention had fallen instead onto the Emperor.

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Many of them began whispering amongst themselves.

“She is indeed from the untamed wilds. What a shameless thing.”

The whispering voices were quite loud, but Wanyan Luosang was not bothered at all even though she heard them. Her eyes stayed on Long Yang stubbornly.

Anyone with a pair of eyes could tell what was on her mind by the way she was acting.

Moreover, this princess from the savage lands did not plan to hide her intention.

It was clear that she was eyeing the Emperor.

Ling Lihua frowned. Was there something wrong with this girl?

She had harassed Lu Hetian all the way to the Grand Duke Mansion not too long ago, and now she was interested in her Emperor son-in-law?

Even the look on the Dowager Duchess darkened.

When this Danjue Princess created trouble at the Grand Duke Mansion earlier today, she had chosen to let it be due to the princess being of similar age to Weiwei. However, she was now thinking about seducing the Emperor in front of everyone. This was truly something to be ashamed of.

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