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Chapter 824: They Could Only Watch, But Could Not Enjoy Them

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Chapter 824 They Could Only Watch, But Could Not Enjoy Them

By the look of His Majesty’s reaction, she might have pinched him too hard.

Lu Liangwei could not help reflecting as she wondered if she used too much strength.

She began to feel a little guilty and she reached out naturally to rub his waist. As her soft, tender little hand came into contact with his body, Long Yang had to exercise extreme self-restraint in order to maintain his dignity.

His eyes looked deeply at her anxious little face and a smile appeared on his lips.

Lu Liangwei continued rubbing him for quite a while and when she lifted her head, she saw Long Xiao and Long Qingzhi, who were seated near the thrones, giving her a strange look.

She was taken aback but then realized that their reactions must have been caused by that grunt from His Majesty. They must have heard it and misunderstood something about the situation.

Could they have thought that she and His Majesty were in the middle of something?

This realization made Lu Liangwei’s face burn, but she pretended to be calm as she poured herself some wine and handed it to His Majesty to hide her embarrassment.

Long Yang took the wine cup from her and as he eyed the rich, fragrant liquid, he suddenly said in a voice low enough for only both of them to hear, “Weiwei, it has already been four months. The critical period is over.”

Lu Liangwei had just picked up a cake from a plate when she heard this. His words hit a nerve in her heart as she almost squeezed the cake into pieces.

She picked up a cup of water nervously and sipped, trying to calm herself down.

However, she drank the water in too much of a hurry and choked on it by accident, causing her to cough.

Long Yang’s expression changed as he quickly patted her back. “Weiwei, how are you feeling? Are you alright?”

Lu Liangwei’s face had turned red from the choking and she finally stopped coughing as she shook her head. “I’m fine now.” Long Yang sighed. This girl really could not take a shock. The Dowager Duchess and the others watched Lu Liangwei nervously as well. Only when they saw she was okay did they stop worrying. When the banquet was coming to an end, Wanyan Jin suddenly stood up and said to Long Yang, “Emperor of Great Shang, we have come all the way here bearing not only the best horses and gold, but we have also specially selected a few of our most beautiful girls from Danjue, which we hope you will accept, Your Majesty.” He instructed something to his subordinates after he was done with his speech and his subordinate left very quickly. The officials and womenfolk who were waiting to leave the banquet suddenly went quiet after hearing Wanyan Jin’s words and they looked at him in astonishment.

Wanyan Jin actually planned to offer Danjue beauties?

They were very curious about what was about to happen after the initial surprise.

The imperial harem had been empty for quite a while. Would His Majesty reject the offer once again?

Many of the officials had earlier tried to convince His Majesty to take in a bevy of beauties during the sessions of the imperial court to fill up the imperial harem, but after His Majesty demoted quite a few officials over this in lightning speed, no one dared bring it up again. They did not expect Wanyan Jin to suddenly bring this up and he had even brought along Danjue beauties with him.

As everyone was anticipating what would happen next, they also harbored some hope for the situation created by Wanyan Jin.

If His Majesty accepted the beauties he had brought, it would mean that everyone still had a chance.

However, before Long Yang could say a word, Long Xiao stood up as well. “Royal Brother, I’ve also brought some beauties specially sourced from Xiangyang to be presented to you. I hope you will accept them.”

With that, Long Xiao clapped his hands and more than ten women of different characters immediately walked in from outside the hall.

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The beauties from Xiangyang had just positioned themselves in the middle of the hall when Wanyan Jin’s subordinate also brought in a group of beauties from outside the hall.

The hall was filled with beauties of all shapes and sizes in a flash.

The Xiangyang beauties stood on the left while the Danjue beauties stood on the right. The eyes of the officials present brightened at this.

The beauties from Xiangyang were so fair and tender that one could imagine pinching water out of them. Their beauty was also exquisite, but the Danjue beauties were also able to attract the attention of the attendants. Each Danjue beauty was tall and had a curvaceous body. Their well-endowed curves and bosoms only served to make the officials in the hall extremely envious that His Majesty was lucky to enjoy them.

The womenfolk felt unhappy when they saw their men’s eyes glued to the Danjue beauties.

However, their unhappiness quickly dissipated at the thought of those beauties being presented as a tribute to His Majesty and that they would be taken into the Palace.

So what if their men took a good look at them?

They could only watch, but could not enjoy them.

The womenfolk quickly turned to look at Lu Liangwei. Some even gave her veiled looks as there were those among them who were itching for disaster to strike.

So what if she was enjoying fame and the noblest of statuses? So what if she had His Majesty’s love?

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