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Chapter 831: 831

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Chapter 831c

When she heard this, Zhu Yu grabbed Manna’s hand and examined it. It was indeed delicate and smooth, and although she was not as fair as herself, the quality of her skin was considered good. It was clear that she had never done any manual labor before.

“Manna, what kind of work do you usually do?” she asked again, refusing to relent.

After all, this woman was a reward from Miss, and it would be a shame to let someone else have her.

In any case, Zhu Yu was the Empress’s highest-ranking lady-in-waiting, so having her own maidservant was not an unreasonable demand.

“I usually spend my time learning how to sing and dance. I also learn…” Manna trailed off and bowed her head, too embarrassed to continue.

However, this aroused Zhu Yu’s curiosity. “Learn what?”

“How to… please men.” A long silence later, Manna finally replied in stuttering Chinese. Zhu Yu’s eyes widened at her answer. It took some time for her to recover from the shock and she gulped. “You even have to learn seduction techniques?” Was it like what she imagined?

Manna nodded.

Zhu Yu pondered for a moment, then said, “Then it seems that I am unsuitable to take you. I’m not a man, and you can’t apply what you’ve learned with me. Never mind, you’re better off with Brother Chu Yi. He fancies you a lot.”

However, Manna grew anxious and caught hold of Zhu Yu’s sleeve. “I don’t want to follow him. I want to go with you. I’ll do anything, and I’m willing to learn.”

“What else can you do?” Seeing her distress, Zhu Yu could not help feeling sympathetic. Manna thought for a while, then replied, “When I was a child, I once learned how to milk.”


Right after Manna spoke, an untimely sound was heard.

Zhu Yu was mortified by Manna’s reply, and Chu Jiu was a little uncomfortable too.

At the same time, they heard a strange sound coming from behind them, and they immediately turned to look.

They saw Chu Yi holding a wine pot, a large stain on the front of his shirt. It appeared that he had spit out his wine after hearing what Manna said just now. Chu Yi stared at Zhu Yu in disbelief.

Zhu Yu was already uneasy, and her face instantly grew hotter under his gaze. She muttered to herself, ‘Why is he looking at me? I’m not the one who said that!’

That said, why would Manna even say something like that?

As expected, Danjue women were outrageously bold with their words!

How embarrassing.

“… I’ve milked many sheep.” Manna seemed to sense that something was wrong and hurriedly added.

Only then did Zhu Yu understand what she actually meant.

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She breathed a sigh of relief and patted Manna on the arm. “You have to be careful with your words, or someone’s going to misunderstand


“I’ll… do my best,” Manna said earnestly.

Zhu Yu was suddenly a little troubled. “But I don’t rear sheep in the palace, so I don’t require your milking skills. I’m afraid I don’t have any suitable work for you.”

Manna immediately lowered her head in disappointment.

Zhu Yu was puzzled. “Why do you insist on following me? Even though His Majesty doesn’t want you, he will still arrange a place for you.” Manna shook her head. “I don’t want… to be… a concubine.”

Hearing this, Zhu Yu looked at her sympathetically. Now that she thought about it, Manna had probably come from a poverty-stricken family in Danjue and was selected as a tribute only because of her good looks.

“Did you not volunteer to come to Great Shang?”

Manna shook her head, but then nodded again.

Zhu Yu was bewildered. “Did you volunteer, or were you forced?”

Manna’s voice was miserable. “I don’t have any family… in Danjue…”

Zhu Yu instantly understood what she meant. She came to Great Shang because she had no family to depend on in Danjue, but being in a completely unfamiliar kingdom unsettled her as well.

“Don’t worry. As long as you work hard and don’t covet stuff that doesn’t belong to you, nobody will bully you.”

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