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Chapter 833: 833

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Chapter 833 Long Yang Was Immensely Restrained

Long Yang’s heart raced as he looked at her head moving around in front of his chest. Holding down her restless head, he whispered huskily, “Weiwei, are you ready?”

Lu Liangwei looked up at him and said blankly, “For what?”

The next instant, she was stunned, and her fair cheeks turned bright red.

Ever since she got pregnant, the Emperor had been immensely restrained.

Speaking of which, it had indeed been a long time since they last spent time together.

Just when she was about to reply, Long Yang suddenly grasped her chin with his index finger and thumb, forcing her to lift her head.

Right away, the man’s lips covered hers, the smell of alcohol enveloping her breath.

A long moment later, Long Yang finally released her. His thumb lingered on her rosy lips, and his voice was low, masking an almost unnoticeable hint of forbearance.

“Do you still smell alcohol?”

Lu Liangwei leaned against his chest, her heart pounding unusually fast, her face flushed. She locked her arms around his waist and remained silent for a long time.

Holding her close, Long Yang stood quietly with her for a while. Just when he was ready to head indoors, she suddenly gripped the front of his robe and said, “This is my first New Year with you, Your Majesty. I enjoyed it very much, and I’m really happy.” Meeting the girl’s shimmering eyes, Long Yang felt his heart melt at once.

Yes, it was their first New Year together.

“Well, is there anything you want to do?” he asked gently. Lu Liangwei gazed at him with sparkling eyes. “I heard from Zhao Qian that you’ve prepared fireworks, but I don’t see any.”

Long Yang stroked her head. “You want to see them?”

Lu Liangwei nodded and looked at him in excitement. “Yes, I do.”

In modern times, fireworks were common and could be seen almost everywhere, especially during the New Year.

However, fireworks were a luxury in the ancient era, and only the imperial family would set them off on significant occasions.

Long Yang had indeed ordered the servants to prepare fireworks but had eventually canceled his plan due to the snowstorm.

“Let’s go.” After putting on her hood for her, he took her hand and walked into Grand Phoenix Palace.

“You want to set off the fireworks in Grand Phoenix Palace?” asked Lu Liangwei.

“Yes,” replied Long Yang. Although the snowstorm had subsided, it was still quite cold. He could bear it, but he was worried that Weiwei would catch a cold.

After entering the palace, they found Zhao Qian and several servants already waiting there.

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Before long, they were setting off the fireworks in the palace courtyard.

Boom, boom!

The fireworks shot into mid-air and exploded into thousands of brilliant sparks.

Although the ones in modern times were much more impressive, Lu Liangwei was already satisfied to see such fireworks in ancient times.

She leaned against Long Yang, her eyes glistening as she watched the fireworks illuminate the night sky one after the other.

When the display was over, Lu Liangwei started to feel sleepy, but there were still matters niggling at her mind, so she forced herself to stay awake. She called Zhao Qian over, and after giving him some instructions, she finally allowed the weariness to take over.

She wanted to stay up to see the New Year in, but Long Yang forced her into bed.

“Your health is more important than seeing the New Year in.”

Lu Liangwei had a lot to say to that, but she eventually succumbed to the exhaustion and fell asleep.

Long Yang took a towel and wiped her face and hands, then helped her change out of her clothes.

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