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Chapter 835: 835

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Chapter 835 The Same Effect Can Be Achieved By Bathing In Ice Water

Zhao Qian darted him a look.

He thought in his heart, ‘Serves you right for trying to offer beauties to Master. Don’t blame Her Highness for doing unto you what you have done unto her.’ Zhao Qian sighed as he made a show of being put on the spot”

Liege, there is something you need to know. This is actually His Majesty’s instructions as well. Besides, my trip out of the Palace this round is not just to deliver beauties to you, I have with me another group of Xiangyang beauties that needs to be sent immediately to the coaching inn.

I will be in a difficult situation if you don’t accept them, Liege. I do not dare act against a decree from the Empress. If the Empress is made unhappy, His Majesty would probably castrate me all over again.” Zhao Qian said it in a pitiful manner, but his message was very clear.

A realization hit Long Xiao and he was laced with mixed feelings.

He knew very well that this must have been done with his Royal Brother’s approval.

It had crossed Long Xiao’s mind the moment Zhao Qian appeared.

However, he was still slightly astonished when the words came out clearly from Zhao Qian’s mouth.

Does his Royal Brother dote on Lu Liangwei that much? It was to the point of being over-indulgent with her.

Indeed, Long Xiao should have realized this on the night of the banquet when Lu Liangwei sprinkled medicine into the wine in public, but his Royal Brother had not even bothered to lecture her.

However, he did not expect his Royal Brother to have no principles at all when it came to giving in to her.

Lu Liangwei was actually allowed to do as she pleased with the tribute of beauties while his Royal Brother did nothing to stop her.

Could His Royal Brother never look at another woman again? Was Lu Liangwei such a fine specimen?

His gaze swept across all the Danjue beauties and his eyes darkened slightly.

The message Zhao Qian had delivered to him contained a lot of information.

The Empress had not only bestowed the beauties to him, but she had also bestowed them to Wanyan Jin.

The most important part was the last few sentences uttered by Zhao Qian.

His Majesty doted on and loved the Empress so much that whoever went against the wishes of the Empress would incur the wrath of His Majesty

At the thought of this, Long Xiao felt his burning body cool down slightly.

He had wanted to take the opportunity to plant someone loyal to him there by offering the beauties, but he did not expect this plan to be spoiled by Lu Liangwei.

He had conducted a search for beauties who bore similarities to Lu Liangwei. His subordinates had taken quite a few months to painstakingly find them.

However, not only did his Royal Brother not show any interest, the beauties had ended up being gifted by Lu Liangwei to Wanyan Jin instead.

Long Xiao felt a bitter taste in his mouth at all those thoughts.

“If that’s the case, I’ll respectfully accept. I thank Her Highness for her concern for me,” he replied sincerely while suppressing the burning heat within him.

Zhao Qian made a show of looking relieved as he said purposefully, “Since this is a gift from Her Highness, you should enjoy them properly, Liege. The night is short when you are enjoying it, so it’s best I don’t continue disturbing you tonight. I’ll take my leave.”

Long Xiao did not stop him. “Men, see Butler Zhao out on my behalf.”

“There’s no need to. It’s just a few steps away. There’s no need to trouble yourself.” Zhao Qian quickly declined the offer.

He suddenly thought of something and continued, “By the way, Her Highness gave instructions for if you feel uncomfortable during midnight, you may choose to bathe in ice water. The same effect can be achieved by doing so.”

Long Xiao’s face darkened once Zhao Qian was gone. His forehead was covered in beady sweat. Despite the freezing weather, the heat within his body continued rising.

Lu Liangwei’s medicine was truly powerful.

Even the physician was unable to diagnose what was wrong with him.

That said, did Lu Liangwei know how to make poison?

He quickly remembered Madam Ling.

He had heard that Madam Ling had been famed for being a genius physician. It should not be a surprise that Lu Liangwei knew how to make poison.

Although, no word about it had been heard before this. It looked like his Royal Brother had been quite secretive about his little Empress’ ability.

When the burning desire within him flamed once more, he found himself too occupied to continue thinking about other matters.

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