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Chapter 851: 851

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Chapter 851 It Tasted So Sweet

Long Yang and Lu Liangwei had lunch at the Grand Duke Mansion that afternoon.

After that, they had a short rest at Dusklight Court before returning to the Palace.

When they arrived, Zhu Yu was handing out the red packets that her Miss had instructed to prepare early in the morning.

Manna clutched the heavy red packet with some astonishment. “I get one too?”

Zhu Yu nodded. “You’re now a part of the Grand Phoenix Palace, so of course you will get one. That said, you have to be loyal to Her Highness now that you’ve received a reward from her. You’re not allowed to serve others.”

Zhu Yu’s tone was serious and carried a tinge of a warning.

Manna lowered her head. “I understand.”

Zhu Yu patted Manna’s shoulder and handed out a red packet to the next servant.

Every servant that received a red packet was feeling festive. They were filled with gratitude to Lu Liangwei.

The Empress had been really generous. There were numerous silver taels in there.

Besides the Grand Phoenix Palace, servants from other palaces also received lucky money, but those were given out by Zhao Qian according to regulations and the amount was not great due to the large number of recipients.

Zhao Qian, Chu Yi, and Chu Qi had also received money from Lu Liangwei.

They were given golden leaves.

Zhao Qian’s eyes widened when he opened his packet.

Chu Yi had the same expression. He counted a full twenty of them.

Chu Qi was the only one who seemed indifferent.

Zhu Yu felt her heart ache for her Miss when she saw them receive golden leaves.

Why did Miss give them so much?

To be fair, she and Chu Jiu had received quite a lot as well.

Still, the thought of the contents of her Miss’ personal bank being diminished made Zhu Yu feel bad for her Miss.

Chu Yi darted a look at her. “What’s wrong? Are you jealous?”

“That’s right. Can you give me your golden leaves?” Zhu Yu smiled insincerely.

Chu Yi looked at her pretty little face and gave some thought about it. He suddenly said, “If you marry me, I’ll give you every penny I have for you to manage on my behalf.”

Zhao Qian abruptly stopped counting his golden leaves and gave Chu Yi an astonished look.

Zhu Yu was caught off guard, but she quickly gathered her thoughts and sized up Chu Yi thoroughly. Then she rolled her eyes. “You’re thirty this year, aren’t you? I’m only sixteen. You’re considered an old man to me and I have no interest in the elderly.”

Chu Yi suddenly felt that the golden leaves in his hand no longer brought him any joy.

She was right. He was thirty this year.

Even though the girl had merely stated a the second part of her sentence made him so furious his stomach felt like it was boiling.

He fell silent for a while before he suddenly strode forward and pressed an unprepared Zhu Yu against the corridor pillar. He said through gritted teeth, “I may be much older than you are, but your words have truly hurt me. I was just making a casual joke, but now…”

“What are you planning to do?” Zhu Yu looked at him in shock.

A smirk appeared on Chu Yi’s face, then he suddenly planted a kiss on her small and luscious red lips.

Sharp intakes of breaths could be heard from behind, as well as the sound of something clattering to the ground.

Zhao Qian and Chu Qi’s eyes widened as they stared at Chu Yi.


The two of them gave a start only when they heard the sound of a sharp, crisp slap.

Zhu Yu wiped her mouth furiously as she glared at Chu Yi in fury. “You jerk!”

Her eyes were slightly red as she pushed Chu Yi away angrily and anxiously. She bolted off in a hurry.

Chu Yi remained standing where he was for quite a while before he seemed to realize what he had done.

He brushed his lips with his fingers as a pleased expression flitted across his eyes.

The taste of the girl was much sweeter than he had imagined.

On the other hand, she was furious now. What should he do about this?

Just as he was agonizing over this, a fair and plump face appeared directly in front of his eyes.

Chu Yi was taken aback for a moment before he reached out to push the man away. “Zhao Qian, what are you doing so close to me? Are you planning to die?!”

Zhao Qian was not at all offended at being shoved. Instead, he gave Chu Yi an admiring look. “Chu Yi, you’ve really impressed me.”

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