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Chapter 854: 854

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Chapter 854 Could This Girl Really Want Him Castrated

Chu Yi broke out in a sweat when he heard this, and he started to feel worried.

If the Empress rejected his request immediately, he would have zero hope for this.

She was but a young girl and there was actually no need for him to take this so seriously.

However, he just could not let this go.

Amid his anxiety, he blurted accidentally, “But I just… offended Zhu Yu. I’d like to take responsibility for her.”

The moment he said this, even the silent Long Yang, who was reading in his seat, turned to look at Chu Yi incredulously.

Lu Liangwei was slightly shocked as well.

She paused for a moment as her gaze turned to the palm print on Chu Yi’s face. She seemed to understand something.

So, that was what had happened. No wonder Chu Yi came asking for Zhu Yu’s hand in marriage.

If it was during modern times, it meant nothing much to be kissed, but these were olden times. Once a girl was kissed, it represented intimate touch.

Now, she simply could not be making the decision for Zhu Yu.

She turned to Manna and instructed, “Summon Zhu Yu here.”

Manna promptly went off to carry out the order.

Before long, Zhu Yu was brought in.

Chu Yi immediately felt a little nervous.

Might this girl ask the Empress to have him castrated?

He did not forget her conversation with Chu Jiu previously about having the Empress talk to his master about castrating him.

Chu Yi had just offended her, and based on her temperament, he could not rule out this possibility.

Chu Yi was suddenly doubting himself.

Zhu Yu’s eyes were a little red and it was clear that she had just been crying.

Lu Liangwei took in this observation but did not say anything. She asked gently, “Chu Yi is asking your hand in marriage, what do you think about this?”

Zhu Yu darted a look at Chu Yi.

Chu Yi’s heart chilled at her gaze.

He was done for. Could this girl really want him castrated?

He wondered if his master would protect him on account of Chu Yi serving him for so many years.

Zhu Yu, meanwhile, was indeed quite angry and resentful of Chu Yi, but she was not so cruel as to want him deprived of future heirs.

She took a deep breath and knelt next to Lu Liangwei’s feet. “Miss, I…”

She paused for a while before making up her mind and saying, “I’m now at a marriageable age. Since Brother Chu Yi is willing to marry me, I’ll let you make the decision on my behalf to grant us marriage.”


The room immediately went silent the moment she said this. No one could react for quite a while.

Especially Chu Yi.

He was beyond surprised.

He had thought that even if Zhu Yu somehow did not request Her Highness to castrate him, she would still be vehemently unwilling to marry him.

He did not expect things to take such a turn, which had caught him totally off guard.

He felt he should be happy, since the young lady had finally agreed to marry him. However, he was not too sure about it when he saw Zhu Yu’s small face slightly lowered.

Her eyes were still a little red and anyone could tell tears had recently fallen from them.

He could also tell that Zhu Yu did not really like him.

If so, why did she suddenly change her mind?

Zhao Qian patted Chu Yi’s shoulder in delight. “Chu Yi, I should congratulate you. Miss Zhu Yu has agreed to marry you.”

Chu Yi gave him a sharp look and yanked his hand down.

Zhao Qian was taken aback.

This guy should be delirious in delight, but his reaction was somehow quite indifferent. Zhao Qian had not expected this at all.

Chu Yi frowned and said, “Miss Zhu Yu, if you’re not willing to marry me, there is no need to force yourself. It isn’t a necessity for me to have you.”

When Zhao Qian heard this, he angrily slapped Chu Yi on the back of his head before Zhu Yu could say anything. “What nonsense are you spouting? Miss Zhu Yu has said very clearly that she is willing to marry you.”

Even though Zhao Qian and Chu Yi constantly got at each other’s throats and would sometimes argue horribly over minor issues until they went red in the face, Zhao Qian was still very concerned over Chu Yi’s happiness.

Otherwise, he would never have attempted to get him and Chu Jiu together.

Now that this fellow was turning thirty and was still without a wife, Zhao Qian was actually feeling anxious for him.

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