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Chapter 855: 855

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Chapter 855 Put A Stop To Her False Hope

It took a great deal of effort for Zhu Yu to finally agree to marry him, but now, this fellow was suddenly acting all arrogant. Was he not afraid of Miss Zhu Yu getting offended and deciding not to marry him in the end?

“Miss Zhu Yu, don’t you listen to Brother Chu Yi’s nonsense. He’s actually liked you all this while and sincerely wants to marry you. He isn’t young anymore and is often cheeky with his words, but he is actually quite easily embarrassed. Not to mention, he’s not a man who fools about. If you marry him, I’m sure he will treat you very well.”

Chu Yi gaped as he watched Zhao Qian.

He had never known that Zhao Qian would have the potential to be a matchmaker.

If Zhao Qian was capable of making such a speech all along, why had Chu Yi remained single all this while?

Lu Liangwei gave Zhao Qian a surprised look as well.

She never thought that Zhao Qian would actually help Chu Yi by heaping such praises on him.

Although, to be honest, she believed that His Majesty’s subordinates were all good people.

She could not help but turn to look at Long Yang.

A smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips, as if asking her what she was looking at.

Lu Liangwei coughed lightly and turned away.

“Zhao Qian is right. Chu Yi… is not bad.” Right at that moment, Chu Qi, who had been silent all this while, suddenly spoke up.

Lu Liangwei was even more surprised by Chu Qi’s words than Zhao Qian’s.

She would never have thought this young man, who was always aloof and cool, would help Chu Yi too.

She felt a little touched by this. Those three had a pretty close relationship.

However, Chu Yi was only thinking about how it had been worth it to give those golden leaves to them!

Zhu Yu gave Chu Yi a slightly troubled look.

Chu Yi immediately responded with a warm and gentle expression.

Zhu Yu sighed privately in her heart.

Let it be, then. Let things just be this way. Chu Yi worked in the Palace, so if she married him, she could still stay by Miss’ side to serve her. More importantly, she wanted to put a stop to all her false hopes.

She knew that Brother Chu Yi was a good man. He was actually too good for her.

“Well… If Brother Chu Yi has no objections, we’ll let Miss make the decision for us.” Zhu Yu said to Lu Liangwei after quite a while.

Lu Liangwei helped Zhu Yu up and looked her straight in the eyes. “Zhu Yu, is this really what you want? Have you really thought things through?”

Zhu Yu knew what she meant.

Zhu Yu had thought about this for quite a long time. The crush she had on Heir Presumptive Lu could only be buried forever in her heart. It was not only because she was unworthy of him, but most importantly, he did not feel the same way about her at all. No matter how much Zhu Yu liked him, it would be useless and, in the end, only serve to add to her sadness.

Rather than go through that, it would be better for her to cut off all ties and end her fantasies of him.

She had actually never planned to marry. All she wanted was to serve by her Miss’ side.

However, there was a long road ahead for the future. If she stayed close to her Miss, she could never avoid seeing Heir Presumptive Lu.

She was afraid she would be unable to stop herself from longing for him.

If Brother Chu Yi wanted to marry her, it would be a good way to curb her desire.

Of course, if she decided to marry Brother Chu Yi, she would play her part of his wife well.

There was determination in her eyes as she looked straight back at Lu Liangwei. “Miss, I’ve made my decision and I’m serious about


Lu Liangwei understood what Zhu Yu was going through. She was initially worried that Zhu Yu made the decision on a whim, but when she saw how determined Zhu Yu was, there was nothing much left for her to say.

Lu Liangwei was silent for a moment before suggesting, “Let’s do this instead. I’ll give both of you three days to seriously think about this. When the time comes and you’re both still determined, I’ll bestow marriage upon both of you.”

Zhu Yu and Chu Yi thanked her at the same


“Thank you, Miss.”

“Thank you, Your Highness!”

Once they left the bedchamber, Chu Yi and Zhu Yu walked in the front.

Chu Yi turned his head to look at Zhu Yu. When he saw the girl wearing a serious expression and looking different from her usual cheerful and klutzy self, he could not help feeling slightly alarmed.

He could not shake off the feeling that he was dreaming

Chu Yi lifted his hand to touch his cheek.

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