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Chapter 861: 861

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Chapter 861 Long Yang Was Exasperated

“They must be in a nearby holiday home. Why don’t we go and look for them? If it’s an imperial holiday home, it shouldn’t be hard to find.” Wanyan Luosang’s excited voice interrupted Wanyan Jin’s thoughts.

Wanyan Jin came back to his senses, and a rare smile appeared on his lips. “Yes. You’re very clever, Luosang.”

Wanyan Luosang was delighted to receive her brother’s compliment. “Then shall we go now?”

“No need to rush,” said Wanyan Jin calmly.

Wanyan Luosang was antsy. She wanted to see the Emperor as soon as possible.

He was an alluring man, even more so than the Grand Duke.

However, since her brother was not in a hurry, she had no choice but to be patient.

Meanwhile, Lu Liangwei and Long Yang were roasting fish in the imperial holiday home they had previously visited.

After a bitter winter, the lake had become frozen all over.

Although the weather was getting warmer, the thick ice would not melt so easily.

Lu Liangwei wanted to eat roasted fish, so Long Yang ordered the servants to smash a hole in the ice and catch a few fish from it.

All the fish in the lake were carefully bred by the holiday home’s farmers, and their juicy flesh was specially reserved for the imperial kitchen’s use.

Half of the fish and prawns that Lu Liangwei usually ate were farmed in this imperial holiday home, and they were both delicious and healthy.

There was a forest by the lake, its trees bare as their shoots had yet to emerge. Chu Yi and Chu Qi had set up a fire in an open space and were already roasting the marinated fish over the flames.

Soon, the aroma of roasted fish wafted into their noses.

Chu Qi had also caught a few pheasants in the forest, and after cleaning them, he hung them over the fire as well.

Lu Liangwei sat on a chair beside the fire, staring at the food sizzling as she warmed herself.

Long Yang rotated the roasted fish in his hand, amused to see how her eyes shone as she stared intently at it.

“Are you done, Your Majesty? I’m hungry.” When the food was still not yet ready after a while, Lu Liangwei could not help urging him.

Long Yang laughed and looked at her dotingly but said in a teasing tone, “Just a while more, you greedy kitty.”

Seeing Zhu Yu and the others chuckling under their breaths, Lu Liangwei shot Long Yang a sullen look and whispered, “Don’t call me that in front of others, or I’ll lose all my authority in the future.”

A smile played on Long Yang’s lips. The firelight cast a glow on his face, making him appear much gentler than usual.

A short while later, the fish was ready. Long Yang blew on it before putting it into Lu Liangwei’s hands. “You can eat now, greedy kitty. But it’s freshly cooked, so be careful not to burn your mouth.”

Lu Liangwei was embarrassed to hear him call her that again in front of everyone, but she decided to focus on the delicious food. “You’ve already blown on it. It shouldn’t be hot anymore.” With that, she hurriedly took a bite of the roasted fish.

She moved so fast that Long Yang was startled.

He wanted to stop her, but it was too late. Her mouth was immediately red from the heat of the fish, but she did not care.

Seeing this, Long Yang was exasperated. “Why are you in such a hurry? No one’s going to steal it from you.” Despite his reprimand, he grabbed a waterskin, poured some warm water into a cup, and gave it to her.

Lu Liangwei was unbothered, but she still accepted the cup and took a sip from it. “It’s delicious when it’s hot.” After thinking for a moment, she brought the half-eaten fish to his mouth. “If you don’t believe me, you can take a bite.”

Long Yang sighed. “No thanks, you can have it all to yourself. The rest will be ready soon, anyway.” He was neither picky nor particularly demanding about food.

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