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Chapter 864: 864

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Chapter 864 The Emperor and Empress’s Public Display Of Affection

Was she implying that Danjue people were savages?

Wanyan Jin gave Lu Liangwei a significant look. “Your Highness, those are actually all misconceptions about us Danjue people. The truth is, our people are experts in roasting meat. It’s a shame that there are no sheep here, or I’d love to show you my skills. If you pair the meat with kumiss, the taste would be divine.”

Roasted whole lamb and kumiss?

Lu Liangwei gulped secretly.

Fortunately, she was already full, or else she would have to battle some very intense cravings.

“Since you intended to give these to the servants, Your Majesty, we won’t take them from you.”

Long Yang nodded. “It would indeed be inappropriate to serve my esteemed guests with food meant for the servants. Zhao Qian, take a few men with you to hunt some game and catch some fish, then roast them and serve them to Prince Wanyan.”

Before Zhao Qian could respond, Wanyan Jin said, “Your Majesty, we Danjue people prefer doing things ourselves, so please don’t trouble yourself on my behalf.” With that, he led his entourage into the trees jauntily.

After hesitating for a while, Wanyan Luosang eventually followed. “Where are they going?” asked Zhu Yu.

“Didn’t you hear him? He said they prefer doing things themselves, so of course they’ve gone off to hunt,” said Chu Yi.

Long Yang turned to Lu Liangwei. “You want to eat roasted whole lamb with kumiss?”

Lu Liangwei stroked her slightly bulging belly. “I’m already full.” Had she really been that obvious?

Long Yang stuck a pick into a slice of apple on the fruit plate prepared by the servants and brought it to her mouth. “You had too much barbecue just now. Have some fruit; it helps with digestion.”

Lu Liangwei took it and started chewing.

Once she finished eating the apple, Long Yang peeled a tangerine for her.

“You should have some too, Your Majesty.” She plucked a segment from the tangerine and raised it to his mouth.

Long Yang’s handsome face flushed, but he still opened his mouth so she could feed him the tangerine.

Seeing the Emperor and Empress’s public display of affection, everyone left the place in tacit understanding.

Both of them eventually finished the tangerine together.

Feeling a little bloated, Lu Liangwei took Long Yang’s hand, wanting to go for a walk to let the food digest.

“Weiwei,” Long Yang suddenly called out.

Lu Liangwei turned her head, only to be enveloped by a shadow.

The man’s large palm rested against the back of her head while his other arm locked itself around her waist.

His clean and refreshing scent occupied her senses instantly.

Lu Liangwei felt her head spin.

Just then, Wanyan Luosang appeared at the forest entrance, just in time to witness their passionate exchange by the lake. Her eyes immediately widened in shock.

Collecting herself, she quickly slipped behind the bushes nearby.

Her heart was racing, and her face was flushed.

It was her first time coming across such a scene, and she could not help feeling embarrassed.

However, when she stuck her head out to take another peek, Long Yang and Lu Liangwei were already nowhere in sight.

She bit her lip a little sulkily.

The Emperor of Great Shang was the most handsome man she had ever seen. If she just gave up without even trying to fight for him, she would surely regret it for the rest of her


However, the Emperor already had Lu Liangwei.

Moreover, he seemed to love her very much.

She plodded back into the forest absentmindedly.

Her brother had been quite lucky-he caught a goat.

The goat was still a kid, and it seemed to have fallen into her brother’s trap in a panic while looking for food.

After catching a few more pheasants, Wanyan Jin and his entourage exited the forest.

He did not mind that Long Yang and Lu Liangwei were no longer there.

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