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Chapter 869: 869

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Chapter 869 Aren’t You Going To Show Some Tenderness To A Woman

However, he was the leader of an enemy nation. Even though he was claiming he would become an official of Great Shang, there might come a day when he would turn the tables on them.

As such, Lu Liangwei could only sympathize with him but not harbor any thoughts of curing him. She was about to leave when Wanyan Jin approached her.

There was some darkness in his eyes, but when he saw her, a vague smile appeared on his lips. “Were the roast mutton and kumiss last night to your liking?”

Lu Liangwei remembered Chu Jiu throwing away the roast mutton and kumiss yesterday and an apologetic look flashed in her eyes. She said, “I currently have a restriction on food. I’m sorry to say that I was not able to enjoy your kind offering.”

There was a slight change in Wanyan Jin’s expression when he heard her words. “You didn’t eat them?”

Lu Liangwei was not really bothered and replied bluntly, “Nope.”

With that, she paid him no more attention and left along with her group.

Wanyan Jin watched her walk away. An itch appeared in his throat and he started coughing again.

Lu Liangwei had just returned to the lakeside when she heard a scream.


All three women jumped as they looked toward the direction of the scream. For some reason, Wanyan Luosang was lying spread-eagle on the icy surface, like a dog with its face in the mud.


Zhu Yu could not help it as she burst out laughing

“What is she doing?” Lu Liangwei also found this funny, but when she saw that Wanyan Luosang was not far away from Long Yang, she had a vague idea about what had happened.

Zhu Yu guessed it as well as she frowned. “That savage princess must have tried to seduce His Majesty while you were away.”

Lu Liangwei’s expression darkened slightly. She was about to go over to Long Yang when the man stood up. He placed the fish he caught into a basket at the side while not forgetting to remind Lu Liangwei, “Don’t come over, the ground is slippery.”

With that, he passed his fishing tools over to Zhao Qian and walked toward her.

Lu Liangwei smiled and stood where she was obediently.

It took a lot of effort for Wanyan Luosang to get back to her feet and when she saw the back of Long Yang’s figure walk toward Lu Liangwei, she felt a sudden wave of hatred.

His Majesty did not know how to treat a woman at all.

She had been delighted when she arrived and saw him fishing. Wanyan Luosang had wanted to take the opportunity to ask him for pointers on fishing and speak to him. However, the moment she had gotten close, she slipped on the ice for some reason and fell.

The icy surface was slippery and when she fell, she slid over several meters.

Even though her clothes were thick, it was still a painful fall for her.

She was still a princess no matter what. When had she ever been ignored in such a way?

She clenched her teeth and said with rage, “Your Majesty, I’m in pain from falling. Aren’t you going to do something about it?”

Zhu Yu glared at her condescendingly.

Who was she trying to fool? What has it got to do with His Majesty if she hurt herself from falling?

Long Yang did not entertain her. He went to Lu Liangwei’s side and held her hand. Finding her hand a little cold, he promptly pulled it into his sleeve.

Lu Liangwei’s finger playfully poked his arm.

Long Yang inhaled slightly and gave her a soulful look.

Lu Liangwei coughed lightly and said, “Your Majesty, Princess Wanyan is calling out to you. Aren’t you going to show some tenderness to a woman?”

Long Yang raised his eyebrows. “Alright, I’ll go do that right now.”

With that, he made a great show of walking toward Wanyan Luosang.

Lu Liangwei did not mind because she knew he was only joking around.

However, when Wanyan Luosang saw that he was walking toward her after her shout, she felt instant happiness and she quickly hurried toward him.

Long Yang was not looking at Wanyan Luosang at all; he was still focused on listening to what was going on behind him.

He felt slightly dejected when he heard nothing

It looked like Weiwei was not worried at all.

He was about to turn back when he suddenly heard Lu Liangwei cry out in pain. “Your Majesty, my belly doesn’t feel well…”

Long Yang’s face turned pale when he heard this. He turned back quickly and broke into a run in her direction. His usual calmness was gone.

“Weiwei, what’s wrong”

Long Yang was not the only one who was alarmed; Chu Jiu and Zhu Yu were frightened by this as well.

“Miss, what’s wrong?”

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