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Chapter 871: 871

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Chapter 871 Tryst In The Imperial Garden

Lu Liangwei continued to be troubled over this. She was not able to sleep in the afternoon, so she decided to give up on her nap and sat up.

Zhu Yu suggested, “Miss, there’s so much sunshine today. Why don’t we have a walk in the imperial garden?”

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei agreed since there was nothing much for her to do.

The sun was shining bright today and Lu Liangwei put on only one coat.

The imperial garden looked a little bleak after the snowstorm. Most of the flowers had wilted; only a few of them were strong enough to endure the winter and stood blooming stubbornly.

Lu Liangwei looked at the flowers for a while before walking toward the pavilion.

When she reached the pavilion, she was surprised to see a few blooming pots of peonies placed on the steps.

Surprised, she went forward to touch the petals. She remembered that peonies were supposed to bloom around the Fifth or Sixth Lunar Month. It was only the First Lunar Month right now and the temperature was quite low. By right, the peonies should not be blooming

Nevertheless, it was still quite a pleasant surprise to see peonies blooming so beautifully at this time.

Peonies enjoyed a wonderful reputation of being king of the flowers. They represented national beauty and heavenly fragrance, affluence, and elegance, and were noble flowers.

Zhu Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw a smile appearing on Lu Liangwei’s face. She explained, “Miss, these flowers were carefully nurtured by the gardener in the greenhouse. The gardener informed me that the peonies had bloomed, so I instructed for them to be moved outside for you to admire.”

Lu Liangwei had already guessed that these flowers were probably nurtured in the greenhouse, but once they left the greenhouse, she knew the peonies would wilt very soon.

“That’s very considerate of all of you. I’ve admired them enough. You can get the gardener to move them back.”

Zhu Yu said, “If you like them, Miss, we can move them to Grand Phoenix Palace. This way, Miss would be able to admire them anytime.”

Lu Liangwei was about to reply when she suddenly heard some rustling from the back of the rockery.

Chu Jiu’s hand was already pressed onto the hilt of her sword. “I’ll go over to check.”

Lu Liangwei was about to follow when Zhu Yu grabbed her arm in excitement and said, “Miss, could there be people doing something behind that rockery?”

Lu Liangwei darted her a look. She did not understand what Zhu Yu was so excited about.

However, when she heard Zhu Yu’s words, she conceded that it was a possibility and decided not to go over.

Even so, which servant would be brazen enough to have a tryst in the imperial garden?

It was not long before Chu Jiu returned with a strange look on her face.

“Did you see anyone there?” Lu Liangwei asked.

Chu Jiu was hesitant and did not reply immediately.

Zhu Yu could not hold back her curiosity and immediately ran in the direction.

A moment, she screamed shrilly and came walking out with an upset look on her face.

Lu Liangwei was even more astonished. “What’s wrong? Who is it over there?”

Zhu Yu’s lips moved. She was about to say something when a familiar figure slowly walked out from behind the rockery.

Lu Liangwei had a clear look at the person’s face and was shocked. “Pure Consort? You? What were you doing there?”

However, before the Pure Consort could answer, Lu Liangwei quickly understood what had happened.

Even though the Pure Consort had tidied up her clothes, she looked quite flustered. Her face was pale and her eyes darted about evasively.

Lu Liangwei sighed when she saw the Pure Consort’s body language. Everything became clear.

So, the person having a tryst behind the rockery was the Pure Consort.

The Pure Consort was as pale as a ghost as she walked straight toward Lu Liangwei. She plopped onto the ground and knelt in front of Lu Liangwei.

“Your Highness, I am guilty, please sentence


Lu Liangwei frowned. She was about to say something when a second figure suddenly came running out to kneel next to the Pure Consort. The man bowed his head heavily onto the ground. “Your Highness, this has nothing to do with the Pure Consort. I am willing to bear the responsibility for this crime. Please don’t sentence a guilty verdict on the Pure Consort, Your Highness.”

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