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Chapter 878: Are You That Scared Of Making Me Angry  

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Lu Liangwei shook her head. “I’m fine, just amazed by how tasty this soup is. You caught this fish in the imperial holiday home this morning, right?”

“Yes,” Long Yang absentmindedly replied as he wiped the corners of her mouth with a handkerchief.

“I knew it from the taste! It makes the soup absolutely delicious,” Lu Liangwei exclaimed dramatically.

Long Yang paused, then let out a chuckle. “Why are you flattering me? Did you do something wrong?”

“Of course not. If you don’t believe me, you can try it yourself. It tastes heavenly.” Lu Liangwei pushed the rest of the fish soup toward him.

Long Yang smiled but did not mind. He picked the bowl up and drank from it.

“Isn’t it delicious?”

“It doesn’t taste any different from usual,” Long Yang commented frankly.

Lu Liangwei did not argue with him either. Resting her chin on one hand, she gazed at his gentle countenance and could not help but ask, “Aren’t you angry, Your Majesty?”

“What are you referring to?” Long Yang put the bowl down with an arched eyebrow.

Lu Liangwei lowered her head, her tone suddenly turning somber. “I thought you were going to ignore me forever.”

Seeing her like this, Long Yang understood in an instant. Sighing, he carried her onto his lap and flicked her forehead with his finger. “Why would you think that, silly girl? Why would I ignore you?”

If he wanted to ignore her, why would he specifically instruct the imperial chef to make fish soup for her, and why would he even feed her with his own hands?

What on earth was going on in this girl’s mind?

Lu Liangwei lay her head on his shoulder and said apologetically, “I scared you with my prank.”

“Well, you did scare me back then, but not to the point of making me angry.” Long Yang stroked her long hair a little wearily.

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei exhaled heavily as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

Her reaction amused Long Yang, and the corners of his mouth curved upward. “Are you that scared of making me angry?”

Lu Liangwei replied with a grave expression, “Yes.”

“Then would you ever pull that kind of prank again?”

“No,” Lu Liangwei answered meekly.

Long Yang hugged her close, his chin brushing the top of her head. “Good girl.”

However, little did Lu Liangwei know that this man would never truly get angry with her. How could he bear to do that when all he wanted was to pamper her?

Raising her head, Lu Liangwei looked at his perfectly chiseled jaw and could not help asking, “Aren’t you angry about what the Pure Consort did either?”

Long Yang squeezed her cheek. “I’m furious that she scratched you.”

Lu Liangwei glanced at her wrist, which had already been treated with medicine, and was amused. “Aren’t you making too much of a fuss? She just broke my skin a little. It doesn’t hurt much.”

Although the Pure Consort had already exhibited signs of a miscarriage, her child could have still been saved if she had received treatment in time.

However, when the Emperor threw the Pure Consort to the floor, not only did it cause her to miscarry, but it might have also injured her seriously.

It was all because the Pure Consort scratched her.

This man was tremendously overprotective of her!

“I won’t tolerate her breaking a single inch of your skin. If you hadn’t pleaded for them, I’d never have spared them.” Long Yang did not hide his intentions from her.

Warmth instantly bloomed in Lu Liangwei’s heart.

So what if he was cruel and heartless in the eyes of others? There was no doubt that he sincerely cared for her.

After a long while, Lu Liangwei said, “You don’t mind that the Pure Consort cheated on you?” Although she already knew the answer, she could not help wanting to hear it from him.

Most men could never just forgive and forget after learning that their woman had cheated on them.

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