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Chapter 891: She Might End Up As Collateral Damage  

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Ever since she was confirmed to be pregnant, she rarely showed any symptoms. Her appetite was still pretty good, so she did not need to worry about being undernourished. However, she would have to limit her food intake toward the end of her pregnancy to avoid overnutrition.

Nevertheless, her situation was the opposite for pregnant women who experienced constant morning sickness and poor appetite.

In the early stage, pregnancy discomfort may cause the mother to vomit whatever she ate, thus leading to undernutrition. Once the symptoms had subsided, the mother would then have to increase her nutrient intake to prevent the fetus from becoming malnourished.

However, it had not even been five months, and her baby bump was already starting to show, meaning that she had to be more careful.

If these were modern times, she would not have to worry. Even if she could not have a natural childbirth, she could still opt for a cesarean section, but alas, she was in an ancient era now.

A cesarean section was obviously not going to be on the table, and she did not want to take the risk either.

After hearing what she said, Zhu Yu immediately grew anxious. “Then what should you have for your usual meals? I’ll convey your instructions to the imperial kitchen later.”

Lu Liangwei thought for a while, then said, “Tell them to make only one serving of fish soup a day. Not every meal has to be lavish. Have them prepare more plant-based meals and reduce the meat serving by half.”

She was now in the middle phase of her pregnancy, and she had to reduce her consumption gradually.

Other than that, she needed to exercise more every day.

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Staring at her plump cheeks in the mirror, she made up her mind to overcome her laziness.

Zhu Yu jotted down every word she said.

“Then I’ll speak to the imperial kitchen right away, Miss.”

“Go ahead.”

After Zhu Yu left, Lu Liangwei walked out of her bedchamber. Chu Jiu immediately followed.

Lu Liangwei did not have to look back to know that it was her.

“Jiu, it’s the Lantern Festival tomorrow. It’s a shame my pregnancy is already showing—I’d have loved to go out and join the fun.” She had heard from Zhu Yu that the Lantern Festival was a lively event, and there would be a grand lantern show, too.

On that day, young men and women would meet up outside to connect.

Just imagining the splendidness of the occasion filled her with longing.

However, going to crowded places would not be appropriate now that she was pregnant, so she had no choice but to drop the idea.

Sensing the wistfulness in her words, Chu Jiu said coolly, “The Lantern Festival happens annually, and even if you miss it this year, there’ll still be another one next year. You should focus on taking care of yourself and the child.”

Her frigid consolation earned her a mournful glance from Lu Liangwei. “Jiu, are you comforting me?”

Chu Jiu arched an eyebrow. “Yes.”

Lu Liangwei burst out laughing. Looking at her good-looking and handsome face, she could not help poking her cheek teasingly. “Jiu, you’re turning twenty this year. Butler Zhao is super concerned about your marriage prospects, and he even asked me to keep an eye out for a suitable candidate. What do you feel about this? Do you have any expectations?”

Chu Jiu pulled Lu Liangwei’s finger down and said helplessly, “I’ve never thought about getting married. I’m fine with the way I am now.”

Knowing that she was being honest, Lu Liangwei said a little enviously, “That’s a good mindset. Marriage is actually pretty troublesome; it’s better to be alone.”

Right then, Chu Jiu spotted a person emerging from behind a flowering tree out of the corner of her eye. Her eyelids twitched, and she took a few steps back quietly, keeping a distance from Lu Liangwei.

Oblivious to her reaction, Lu Liangwei continued woefully, “If His Majesty hadn’t insisted on marrying me, I could have been living comfortably in the Grand Duke Mansion with my selected husband.”

Chu Jiu’s expression turned grim. She felt that she might end up as collateral damage.

“Your Highness, my stomach’s suddenly not feeling well. I’ll excuse myself first.” Before Lu Liangwei could reply, she dashed off swiftly.

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