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Chapter 898: Who Gave You Such Brazenness To Dare Do Something To Long Yang  

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The Palace banquet passed by without incident.

Considering that there was to be a lantern show tonight outside the Palace, Long Yang ended the Palace banquet early.

The court officials were already itching to leave and were even counting down to the scheduled end of the banquet. When they heard the Emperor announce it was over, it was like a great relief washed over them as they were finally able to leave the Palace and attend the lantern show with their families.

The officials took their leave in no time.

The ones in no hurry to leave were the Grand Duke Family, Long Qingzhi and her son, and Long Xiao. On top of that, the Danjue ambassadors—with Wanyan Jin at the helm—stayed behind as well.

Just as Long Yang was about to ask them to leave, Wanyan Jin said, “I’ve heard that Your Majesty had arranged a lantern show for Her Highness at the imperial harem. I was wondering if I might have the honor to enjoy the show as well.”

His request was made politely and it would be difficult for most people to reject him.

However, Long Yang was not bothered by such etiquettes and did not bother sparing the effort of being cordial with him.

“I fear I have to disappoint you, Prince Wanyan. The lantern show at the imperial harem tonight is specially arranged for the Empress. I do not want to be bothered by others as this is a family occasion. If Prince Wanyan would like to enjoy Great Shang’s lantern show, I can arrange for someone from the Ministry of Rites to accompany you to attend the one outside the Palace. The people’s lantern show tonight should be much more interesting.”

Wanyan Jin had not expected to be rejected so directly.

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Moreover, the Emperor indicated that he wanted to enjoy the lanterns with family. If Wanyan Jin did not take the hint, it would be too rude of him.

Wanyan Jin had always been quick to adapt, and even after being rejected in a way that made him lose face, he was still able to act quite naturally. “I have been quite abrupt with my request.”

“Prince Wanyan only recently arrived at Great Shang, and there are many local customs you might not understand yet, which is quite understandable. There is no need to take this to heart.”

Wanyan Jin was slightly embarrassed, but continued, “Thank you for your understanding, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang did not continue conversing with him as he moved to the imperial harem along with Lu Liangwei and the others.

It was only after they were long gone that Wanyan Jin finally brought Wanyan Luosang and his entourage out of the Palace.

It was very festive and lively outside of the Palace. The entire road was crowded with people and there were pretty lanterns everywhere.

However, Wanyan Jin was not in the mood to admire them. He led everyone back to the coaching inn.

Once they were there, Wanyan Jin led Wanyan Luosang alone with him. His calm and gentle demeanor back at the Palace was long gone. He said in a low voice, “What did you make Wanyan Zhi do?”

Wanyan Luosang was shocked. She looked at her older brother’s sharp eyes and shook her head anxiously. “Big Brother, you are overthinking things. How could I make Zhi’er do anything? He’s my nephew.”

Wanyan Jin sneered. “Do you really think so? If that was true, why didn’t you go looking for Wanyan Zhi the moment you came to Great Shang, but only choose to suddenly get close to him today for no reason?”

The expression on Wanyan Luosang changed as she clenched her fist.

Wanyan Jin rubbed the spot between his eyes and blurted wearily, “Even I wouldn’t dare make a move that blatantly. Who gave you such brazenness to dare do something to Long Yang? This place belongs to Great Shang. Are you purposely looking for a reason for them to punish you?”

“Big Brother, I… I didn’t do anything…” Wanyan Luosang was now panicking, but she was not willing to admit to anything.

She had been so careful. She did not believe anyone could see through it.

Wanyan Jin felt some discomfort in his throat and began coughing uncontrollably.

Wanyan Luosang quickly poured him a cup of tea. “Big Brother, have a sip of tea, quick.”

Wanyan Jin accepted the cup from her and drank from it, forcing down the pain.

He put the cup down and stared coldly at her. “Luosang, where did you get the gall to do such a thing?”

Wanyan Luosang took a step back and did not dare look into his eyes. “Big Brother, stop asking me such questions. I know what I’m doing. No one can possibly find out what I did.”

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