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Chapter 902: 902

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Long Yang stared judgmentally at her without feeling. “Lu Liangwei? Now I remember.”

Lu Liangwei was delighted. “Your Majesty, you finally remember…”

“Aren’t you the one from the Grand Duke Family who has been harassing the Crown Prince? You are the Second Miss Lu who attempted to hang herself for the sake of the Crown Prince.” Long Yang frowned in disgust as he said this.

“What’s going on? You weren’t able to hang yourself and now you’ve changed your target to me? You’re the daughter of the principal wife of the Grand Duke Family, after all. How could you have such a terrible character, to even go as far as to impersonate as my Empress? How dare you, Lu Liangwei? Do you think I won’t sentence you guilty just because you have the Grand Duke to protect you?”

Lu Liangwei’s eyes widened as she stared at him incredulously. She could hardly believe what she was hearing.

However, the disgust in His Majesty’s eyes was so apparent that there was no way she could pretend not to notice it.

His Majesty had always pampered her endlessly, yet his behavior has changed completed and he was very disgusted with her.

Lu Liangwei felt like she had been struck by lightning and could not react for quite some time.

However, her demeanor in Long Yang’s eyes looked like a sign of guilt, where she had nothing to say for herself.

He sneered coldly. “No wonder the Crown prince abandoned you in favor of your sister who is from a secondary wife. Your stupidity has no bounds!”

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Lu Liangwei was jolted back to reality as she glared at him furiously. “Long Junzhi, don’t you dare cross the line. I’ve told you before that there’s nothing between me and Crown Prince. I was not the one who did all those things. Why are you humiliating me by bringing up the past?”

Long Yang’s expression changed. “What did you just call me? Also, you should refer to yourself as ‘Your Humble Lady’ when speaking to me.”

Lu Liangwei laughed coldly. “You better provide me with a logical explanation for this, or I will never forgive you.”

She flung her blanket to the side and got off the bed.

When Long Yang saw how thin her clothes were, he immediately turned away and said grimly, “How shameless can you be?!”

Lu Liangwei was trembling with anger.

She was shameless?

Her clothes were put on nicely and tidily, what did he mean by shameless?

“Zhao Qian, get in here right now!”

Zhao Qian was chatting with Chu Jiu outside the door when he suddenly heard the Emperor’s furious roar. The fat on his body wobbled from fear and he quickly rushed inside.

“Master, I’m here.”

Long Yang pointed at Lu Liangwei, who was changing her clothes, and said, “Get this woman out of here!”

Zhao Qian looked at him in complete shock.

What did Her Highness do to anger his master so much?

He had said such words out of anger.

What did he mean by this woman? Was this woman not the one he had treated as the apple of his eye?

Zhao Qian did not understand what was going on, but the rage on his master’s face was real. He could not help but feel the fear creeping into him.

He had seen with his own eyes how the Emperor and Empress had acted so sweetly with each other last night. How did things change so much in one night?

Could it be that his master’s desires were not satisfied?

Did the Empress not satisfy him?

He tried to figure out the reason as his mind almost went insane from it. He forced himself to advise, “Master, there’s no need to anger yourself. Her Highness is now pregnant and even if she had committed a minor fault, she should be forgiven.”

Her Highness was pregnant and his master should think through his actions and control himself. If his master had hurt the future Crown Prince, he would end up regretting it.

At the thought of this, Zhao Qian snuck a look at his master. He wanted to remind him to not go too far. If he angered the Empress, his master would be the one to suffer in the end.

Long Yang’s almond-shaped eyes narrowed. “Her Highness? Who is Her Highness? Where did this Empress come from?”

Zhao Qian was frightened soulless when he heard those words.

Oh no, had his master gone mad with anger?

How could he say something like this?

He quickly turned to look at Lu Liangwei and saw Her Highness’ eyes had turned red.

Zhao Qian could not help but feel sad for her.

His master had crossed the line this time. How could he treat her as non-existent just because of some minor fault?

Had His Majesty forgotten how much effort and tactics he had used back then just to marry Second Miss Lu into the Palace?

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