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Chapter 905: Long Yang Was Dreadfully Ill  

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If she had not cured him afterward, he would not have changed his opinion of her, and they would never have crossed paths.

“Your Highness, is His Majesty ill?” Chu Jiu asked after a moment’s hesitation.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Yes. Dreadfully ill, in fact.”

Hearing this, Zhu Yu immediately grew anxious. “You have excellent medical skills, Miss. Why don’t you treat His Majesty?”

Lu Liangwei smiled woefully. “But he doesn’t believe me.”

“What?” Zhu Yu’s eyes widened in disbelief.

She had gone out just now, so she did not hear the conversation in the bedchamber.

“It’s nothing. I’m hungry, go and make some breakfast,” ordered Lu Liangwei. No matter what, she could not starve herself. She was still carrying a child in her womb.

Zhu Yu headed out right away.

Chu Jiu said comfortingly, “His Majesty will get his memory back soon.”

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Lu Liangwei sighed. “Hopefully.”

After Lu Liangwei finished her breakfast, Zhao Qian finally returned with the incense burner and said apologetically, “I apologize for the wait, Your Highness.”

Lu Liangwei shook her head and took the incense burner from him, asking, “Did His Majesty give you any more trouble?”

“No, he merely summoned Chief Physician Lin to examine him,” explained Zhao Qian. “Master seems to have forgotten that he’s been cured of Frostbite and summoned Chief Physician Lin like how he used to. Chief Physician Lin didn’t find any signs of poisoning.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “That’s no ordinary poison, I’m afraid.” She then started to check for poison in the incense burner’s ashes.

Worried about the child in her womb, Zhao Qian reminded her. “Be careful, Your Highness. If it’s really poisoned, it could harm the child.”

Lu Liangwei replied, “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”

Only then did Zhao Qian relax.

Although Master was so ill that he even yelled at the Empress, Zhao Qian still had to look after her for him. Otherwise, Master would have a hard time begging for the Empress’s forgiveness once he recovered.

A moment later, Lu Liangwei put down the incense burner and shook her head with a frown. “There’s nothing wrong with the ashes inside.”

Zhao Qian furrowed his brow. “I handled the incense myself, so logically speaking, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. But if that’s the case, what happened to Master?”

Lu Liangwei sat down and pondered for a while, then said, “Did you notice anything unusual at the palace banquet last night?”

Zhao Qian shook his head. “No. Master was with you all night…”

Just then, realization flickered across Lu Liangwei’s face. “Wait. Last night, your master carried Zhi’er.”

Zhao Qian was shocked. “You don’t think that the Prince…”

Lu Liangwei massaged her forehead. “I knew something was strange. Zhi’er’s not close with his uncle, but he was very affectionate last night…”

Zhao Qian frowned. “But the Prince is still a child. Besides, it’s not like Master’s never carried him before.”

“Zhi’er is indeed a child, but Wanyan Luosang isn’t.” Lu Liangwei narrowed her eyes.

Last night, when she spotted Wanyan Luosang and Wanyan Zhi together, she was already suspicious – so that was where the problem started.

Zhao Qian was surprised. “What does this have to do with Princess Wanyan?”

“If my guess is correct, Zhi’er must have been instigated by Wanyan Luosang.”

Alarm crossed Zhao Qian’s face. “Wanyan Luosang wants to murder Master?”

“Not necessarily, but she definitely has an ulterior motive.” There was an icy glint in Lu Liangwei’s eyes.

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