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Chapter 909: Stop Trying To Seduce Me  

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Lu Liangwei smiled faintly.

The Emperor may have forgotten her because of his amnesia, but he was still as diligent, focused, and serious in handling state affairs as he was before.

After sitting quietly for a while, she gazed at his serene face, weighing the possibility of taking his pulse.

However, before she could touch his wrist, his large palm grasped her hand. He was still writing with flying strokes, his eyes never leaving the page as he said, “Don’t try anything funny, Lu Liangwei. Don’t think I’ll tolerate your antics every single time.”

Lu Liangwei struggled to pull her hand back, but her movements only made him tighten his hold on her.

Long Yang was secretly amazed by the tenderness and smoothness of her dainty hand and how good it felt in his grip.

His calloused fingers grazed the back of her hand slowly.

Lu Liangwei, however, was unbothered by his threat. Seeing that his gaze was still on the Palace Memorials, she pondered briefly before saying, “Your Majesty, you may have been poisoned. Won’t you let me examine your pulse just for a while?”

Long Yang paused in his marking and glanced sideways at her. “They said you’ve cured me of Frostbite, so how could there be any poison left in my body? Chief Physician Lin has already examined me, and he didn’t find anything abnormal.”

Despite his words, he was still skeptical about Lu Liangwei curing him.

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He did not think that a young girl like her would be more skilled than Chief Physician Lin.

Chief Physician Lin had already examined him and concluded that he was fine. What other result would she be able to produce?

A thought came to him, and his eyes darkened as he said significantly, “Lu Liangwei, I may have made you my Empress, but stop trying to seduce me. I’m not a youngster, and your tricks won’t work on me.”

Lu Liangwei’s face clouded over in exasperation. Had the Emperor lost his mind along with his memory?

Why was he behaving so childishly today?

He even accused her of seducing him!

“If my tricks don’t work on you, why are you still holding onto my hand?”

Long Yang, “…”

Looking down, he finally remembered that he was still clutching her hand.

He cleared his throat and released his grip on her reluctantly.

“Don’t stuff your hand into mine while I’m working.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Sensing that she was standing up, Long Yang immediately raised his head. “Where are you going?”

Lu Liangwei smirked. “The lavatory, of course. Why? Are you going to follow me there too, Your Majesty?”

Long Yang’s face hardened. “Lu Liangwei, watch your mouth!”

Lu Liangwei scoffed. Turning on her heel, she stalked off toward the lavatory.

Long Yang finally withdrew his gaze when he saw that she was indeed heading to the lavatory, but his handsome face turned red secretly at the same time.

As the kingdom’s Empress, Lu Liangwei was dreadfully improper.

He lowered his head and continued to mark the Palace Memorials, but thoughts about his immodest young Empress occupied his mind.

Eventually, he tossed his brush aside, picked up his teacup, and took a sip.

Some time passed, but Lu Liangwei had not yet returned, and he could not help growing restless.

“Why has the Empress not come back yet?” He turned to Chu Jiu, who was standing nearby.

Chu Jiu replied dutifully, “Her Highness is pregnant, so she takes more time than usual in the lavatory.” She paused at the sight of the Emperor’s impatient expression, and after hesitating briefly, she suggested, “Would you like to check on her, Your Majesty?”

Long Yang’s fingers traced the pattern on the teacup, and after a long while, he rose to his feet loftily. “Women are so troublesome. But since the Empress is pregnant and hasn’t returned for so long, I’d better make sure she’s all right.”

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