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Chapter 918: Who On Earth Spoiled Her  

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However, Lu Liangwei walked away without waiting for Long Yang’s reply.

Long Yang glowered as he stared after the girl’s retreating figure.

“Who on earth spoiled her?”

Zhao Qian muttered to himself beside him, ‘You, Master.’

Of course, he would never dare to say that out loud.

After putting Wanyan Zhi to bed, Long Qingzhi went out to look for Lu Linagwei.

To her surprise, Lu Liangwei was already waiting for her in the covered corridor outside.

Frowning, she walked up to her. “Weiwei, what was going on just now? You seemed to be suspecting Zhi’er of something.”

In private, Long Qingzhi would always call her by her maiden name.

Lu Liangwei turned and glanced at her, but instead of answering directly, she said, “Don’t you find it strange that Wanyan Luosang suddenly approached Zhi’er?”

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Long Qingzhi pondered for a moment. Last night, when she returned to Jade Dew Hall after the ritual, she saw Wanyan Luosang standing beside Zhi’er.

She had not found it strange at first, but now that Lu Liangwei had mentioned it, it started to feel odd to her.

Lu Liangwei continued, “I spoke to Zhi’er just now. Apparently, Wanyan Luosang never went to the Grand Princess Mansion to see him before this, which shows how little she cared for him. But last night, she suddenly got close to him and promised that she’d transport his father’s beloved horse to Great Shang for his sake. I find that a little unusual.”

Long Qingzhi wrinkled her brow, a cold glint in her eyes. “Wanyan Luosang was trying to use Zhi’er?”

“She already has,” said Lu Liangwei firmly. “To repay Wanyan Luosang for giving him the horse, Zhi’er must have promised that he would do something for her.”

Long Qingzhi was no simpleton, and she immediately understood what Lu Liangwei was implying. Taking a step back, she stared at her with a pale face. “Are you saying that Zhi’er’s the one who got Brother into this state?”

Lu Liangwei’s eyes revealed her mixed emotions. “To be precise, Zhi’er was used by Wanyan Luosang. As you can see, Zhi’er’s a child who values relationships and promises very much. He must have been close to Wanyan Luosang back in Danjue, because no matter how hard I tried to get information out of him, he refused to give her away.”

Long Qingzhi smiled ruefully. “Before the coup in Danjue, Luosang would often visit and spend time with us. I taught her Chinese, and she helped me look after Zhi’er. As time passed, Zhi’er grew fonder and fonder of his aunt. Wanyan Jin may have killed his father, but he still doesn’t hate Luosang.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “I suspect that the Emperor’s become like this because Wanyan Luosang asked Zhi’er to do something for her, but I don’t have conclusive evidence to convict her. After all, she came to Great Shang as an ambassador, and if things go wrong, the relationship between our kingdoms could worsen.”

Although Danjue was currently the one at a disadvantage, another war between the two kingdoms would not benefit Great Shang either. Turning Danjue into Great Shang’s vassal state would be the best outcome.

Despite Long Qingzhi’s immense hatred for Wanyan Jin, she was not an impulsive person. Besides, what could she as a single mother do, even if her enemy was in front of her?

However, Brother was another case. If anything happened to him, the consequences would be disastrous.

Naturally, she also wished for the welfare of Brother and Great Shang.

“I understand what you mean, but Zhi’er’s dreadfully stubborn for his age. Once he sets his mind on something, it’ll be difficult to change his mind, but I’ll still try and see if I can make him testify against Wanyan Luosang.”

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