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Chapter 919: Nitpicked Her Left And Right  

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Despite her words, she was not confident at all.

Wanyan Luosang was Zhi’er’s respected aunt, and even if she had instigated him, he would probably never give her away.

Aware of her concerns, Lu Liangwei said calmly, “Don’t force him too much, Royal Sister. He’s a child, after all. Just do your best.”

Long Qingzhi sighed, troubled by the dilemma of choosing between her son and her dear brother.

If Zhi’er had harmed Brother at Wanyan Luosang’s instigation, how could she ever face him in the future, and how would she gain her foothold in Great Shang?

Zhi’er’s identity was already controversial due to him possessing Danjue blood, and he would need Brother’s support to find his standing in Great Shang in the future. Without Brother, there would be no place in the kingdom for him and his mother.

“Is Brother all right?” Long Qingzhi forced herself to perk up and asked with concern.

“He lost part of his memory, but apart from that, he’s fine,” answered Lu Liangwei.

“That’s good to hear.” Long Qingzhi was relieved.

After chatting with her for a while more, Lu Liangwei returned.

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The day’s events had worn her out.

Stroking her protruding belly, she felt somewhat miserable.

Although the Emperor now nitpicked her left and right, he still had not forgotten her deep down.

The thought cheered her up once more.

She should be glad that the Emperor was healthy. As long as he was in good health, everything else would not be a problem.

That night.

Long Yang returned to Hidden Dragon Palace to sleep.

Looking at the furnishings in his bedchamber, he felt a peculiar sense of unfamiliarity.

He had slept in this bedchamber for dozens of years, but why did it feel cold and uncomfortable to him the moment he stepped in?

Zhao Qian stood aside, hesitant to speak.

Ever since the wedding, Master had slept in Grand Phoenix Palace most of the time and rarely came back here.

However, he chose to return here to sleep today. Would this make the Empress start to overthink?

The thought that the Empress could be waiting eagerly for Master filled him with sympathy.

Moreover, she was pregnant.

Gathering his courage, he said, “Master, should I send someone to Grand Phoenix Palace to inform the Empress?”

Long Yang stifled his discomfort and sat down on the edge of the bed. At Zhao Qian’s suggestion, he glanced at him and asked airily, “Inform her of what?”

After weighing his words, Zhao Qian replied tentatively, “Ever since your wedding, you’ve always slept in Grand Phoenix Palace. If you don’t go there tonight without notice, I’m afraid that Her Highness will be worried.”

Startled, Long Yang furrowed his brow. “I’ve always slept in Grand Phoenix Palace?”

“Yes, Master.” Zhao Qian was relieved that he was not angry, but he could not figure him out.

“How long have I been away from Hidden Dragon Palace?” After a moment of silence, Long Yang asked, still frowning.

Zhao Qian thought for a while before answering, “About half a year.”

Long Yang was stunned.

Had it seriously been that long since he last came back here to sleep?

What kind of love potion did Lu Liangwei make him drink?

He could hardly believe that he would be so attached to a woman, and an unfledged young girl at that.

Had he been possessed?

His face was sullen.

He used to detest those foolish rulers who indulged in lust, but he never imagined that he would become one of them one day.

He knitted his brow, a terrifying storm brewing in his eyes.

Zhao Qian, sensing the air of menace radiating off his master, felt his scalp go numb with fear, and he took a few steps back silently.

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