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Chapter 929: 929

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Long Yang felt slightly uncomfortable at the memory of what happened yesterday.

He had not thought too much about it back then.

However, now that he went back to that incident, he was indeed in the wrong.

Whatever the case, she was a pregnant woman. He had shoved her without warning, and if she had fallen, it would have ended terribly.

Now that she had mentioned this again, he was feeling even more guilty about it.

He stared at the top of the girl’s dark hair and became silent. He lifted his hand and rubbed her head, mumbling into her ear, “It won’t happen again.”

Lu Liangwei grumbled with annoyance as she pushed his face away from hers, “I’m really tired right now, stop disturbing me…”

It was not long before only her breathing could be heard.

Long Yang was slightly in disbelief when he saw this.

Did she fall asleep just like that?

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Was she such a healthy sleeper?

Or could it be that she was a reincarnation of a pig?


He was not as repelled as he had imagined he would be about hugging her.

Long Yang was completely unaware that Lu Liangwei had not slept well the past few days. She was pregnant and got tired more easily than an average person. Her body could no longer take it, and now that she was in his arms, she was finally able to sleep peacefully.

Long Yang lay silent for a while before he suddenly reached out his hand and placed it on her slightly bulging belly.

Zhao Qian had informed him that the child had been in her womb for almost five months and that he was to be a father in about another five.

A secret sense of delight bloomed in his heart.

His touch on her stomach was now even more gentle.

After a while, he felt slightly dissatisfied with just this. He lowered his head to check on Lu Liangwei. When he found that she was indeed sleeping soundly, he pried open the corner of her dress and slipped his palm underneath it.

There was nothing separating his palm pressed and the girl’s belly, which made him feel tense.

Her belly was firmer and more smoothly rotund than he had imagined.

He quietly enjoyed the sensation of the new life growing within her womb.

His fingers gently caressed her stomach when suddenly, he felt something kick from inside.

He stiffened and did not dare to move for quite a while.

The kick soon came again.

Once, twice, thrice…

It kicked five times before finally stopping.

Long Yang’s eyes widened.

Could it be that the child had sensed his presence and was trying to greet him?

For some strange reason, this realization filled him with delight.

He left his palm on her tummy for a long time and a look of love and tenderness appeared in his eyes without him realizing it.

That night, Lu Liangwei slept especially well.

However, by the time she woke up, Long Yang had already left for the imperial court.

Zhu Yu teased her when she entered the room to help Lu Liangwei with cleaning up. “Miss, I saw His Majesty leaving your room early in the morning. When did His Majesty drop by? How come I didn’t know about it?”

Lu Liangwei was in a good mood today and looked bright and bubbly, quite unlike the last few days when she was depressed and gloomy. A small smile appeared on her lips when she heard Zhu Yu’s words. She did not answer the question but instead gave a mischievous retort. “How could you even notice what’s happening around you when you’ve been busy dating Chu Yi?”

Zhu Yu’s face burned slightly when she heard this. She stomped lightly and said with embarrassment, “Miss, you’ve misunderstood me greatly. I haven’t been preoccupied with dating Brother Chu Yi, I’ve always only paid attention to you alone.”

Lu Liangwei gave a soft laugh. “Alright, I was just teasing you. Even so, your marriage to Chu Yi is now official. When you have more time, you should spend some effort on your upcoming wedding.”

Zhu Yu went silent as she nodded. “I understand.”

Lu Liangwei noticed the smile vanishing from Zhu Yu’s face through the mirror. She sighed helplessly.

There were some things that were not convenient for Lu Liangwei to say; Zhu Yu had to come to terms with them on her own.

Zhu Yu was a kind-hearted girl and since she had made her choice, Lu Liangwei trusted that she would not disappoint the people around her. Chu Yi was a fairly good catch and was someone Zhu Yu could depend on for the rest of her life.

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