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Chapter 930: 930

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Zhao Qian and Chu Qi could clearly tell that their master was in a good mood today.

Even the officials attending the imperial court noticed. The sense of intimidation looming over them for the past few days seemed to have disappeared. The servants could also feel the dark clouds suffocating them vanish.

Everyone felt greatly relieved; it felt like the sun was shining after the storm.

Long Yang went to Grand Phoenix Palace as usual during the night.

However, this time, he went there openly.

When he found that Lu Liangwei was currently taking a bath, he could not help gulping a few times. The shine in his eyes got a few shades darker.

He picked up a book and sat down on the warm bed, acting as if nothing unusual was happening. He looked like he was reading the book intently, but in reality, not a single word was being processed by his brain.

All the writing on the page he was staring at seemed to morph into Lu Liangwei’s face.

His eyes stared intently at the words.

Zhao Qian snuck a look at him. When he saw Long Yang sitting there motionlessly, his body language suggesting he was about to go to sleep, Zhao Qian wanted to sneak off quietly. However, he suddenly heard his master call out to him in a serious voice, “Why isn’t the Empress done with her bath? The weather’s getting chilly and she shouldn’t be catching a cold.”

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Zhao Qian was taken aback, but when he met his master’s intimidating gaze, Zhao Qian replied in agreement, “That’s right, the weather’s getting chilly. It won’t do for Her Highness to catch a cold. I wonder if the water is warm enough? Does she need to add more hot water?”

Even Zhao Qian felt his words were a little too far-fetched after he was done spouting them.

However, Zhao Qian had no choice but to play along with his master because of the intimidating aura of a certain Emperor.

Long Yang glanced at him, satisfied with Zhao Qian’s performance. “Since you know what should be done, hurry up and prepare a bucket of hot water.”

Zhao Qian immediately set off to prepare the hot water when he heard this.

Before long, he returned with the bucket of steaming hot water. He complained, “Those useless servants from Grand Phoenix Palace only know how to avoid work. I wonder where they’ve gone to laze about.”

The servants at Grand Phoenix Palace, “…”

They were all standing about like pine and cypress trees in a garden, obvious at a glance. How blind must Butler Zhao be to not spot them?

Right then, Long Yang placed his book down and glanced casually at Zhao Qian. He replied with an air of being placed in a difficult spot, “Just leave it here. I’ll help the Empress with the bucket of hot water and bring it to her.”

Zhao Qian promptly handed the bucket over to Long Yang with a grand gesture.

Long Yang took the bucket of water from him and walked slowly toward the bathroom, looking as if he was doing it grudgingly.

The corner of Zhao Qian’s lips twitched terribly.

Master was really good at such pretenses.

Not to mention, the bathroom had a constant supply of hot water for their master and mistress’ convenience during their baths. Does his master not realize that this action was unnecessary and a shoddy attempt at best?

Who could possibly not guess his true intentions?

If he wanted to see the Empress bathing, he could have just said so directly. Did he need to use such a roundabout way to give himself an excuse?

Even if his master wanted to watch, no one would hold it against him at all. What was all this effort for?

Zhao Qian shook his head.

It was getting more difficult to figure his master out!

Sigh, what a complex mind he had!

Lu Liangwei’s womb was getting bigger, which was why Zhu Yu always served by her side when she took a bath now.

She tested the water temperature and found that it had gotten cool. She was about to add more hot water into the bathtub with a ladle when a man’s hand suddenly reached out to snatch the ladle from her.

Zhu Yu was taken aback.

Long Yang busied himself with adding hot water into the bathtub, then turned to see Zhu Yu still standing there. He could not help but frown, and stared down at her intimidatingly.

This maidservant was too slow-witted.

A shiver ran down Zhu Yu’s spine as she looked at her Miss, whose back was facing the door, still unaware of His Majesty’s sudden appearance. She hesitated and then slowly retreated from the room.

His Majesty’s gaze was so frightening. If she was one minute slower, would he have slapped her straight out of the room?

She had to read the atmosphere wisely. All she could do was be sorry to her Miss for doing this.

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