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Chapter 942: 942

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If that day were to pass, Danjue might be absorbed or annihilated by Great Shang.

Great Shang was no longer the same nation it was back in the day.

Ever since Long Yang inherited the throne as Great Shang’s ruler, the country began to grow in power. It was not an impossible feat for Long Yang to conquer Danjue if he had the ambition.

The ambassadors were greatly worried about this.

This meeting for peace had been suggested by Danjue, yet they were now the ones who angered the Emperor of Great Shang. Everyone was unsure if this meeting could still end in success.

Wanyan Jin’s eyes narrowed as he thought about what happened in the Palace today. Even he had no idea how things would play out from here.

He had thought that Long Yang would not oppose accepting another woman into the Palace since he had forgotten Lu Liangwei.

At the very least, if Long Yang married Wanyan Luosang, it would benefit the diplomatic relations of both countries.

He had never expected Long Yang to oppose his suggestion and conditions without any hesitation.

It went to the point that even the Great Shang officials who sided with Wanyan Jin had ended up being relieved of their posts.

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What was Long Yang thinking?

Had he not forgotten Lu Liangwei after all?

Moreover, it was not like Long Yang had not accepted concubines before. If he could tolerate other women, why not take one more who would give Great Shang an advantageous edge?

Wanyan Jin could not understand this no matter how hard he thought about it.

However, by the looks of the current situation, it would not be an easy task to get Long Yang to marry Wanyan Luosang.

Wanyan Jin picked up his cup to sip some tea, comforting the itch in his throat. Quite some time passed before he said carefully, “I have my own plans on this matter. There is no need for all of you to worry.”

“Could we ask what these plans of yours might be?” The ambassadors were still fretful. Things had escalated now and they wanted confirmation of peace in case further trouble brewed.

Wanyan Jin glanced at the few people and said slowly but firmly, “Great Shang is also leaning toward peace. If our countries went into war, both parties would suffer; the Yan Kingdom would be the one to profit. From what I understand, the Yan Kingdom is wildly ambitious and they are eyeing to take over Great Shang. If it wasn’t for their internal fights, they would have marched toward Great Shang a long time ago. That is why signing a peace treaty with Danjue is in the best interest of Great Shang.”

Otherwise, Danjue could turn their back against Great Shang and form an alliance with the Yan Kingdom instead. If that happened, the Great Shang would be at a great disadvantage.

Even though Long Yang was confident about a clash on the battleground, it was just a way of beating Wanyan Jin down.

Great Shang might be capable of annihilating Danjue right now, but they would still need a few years to get it done. They had to keep in mind that the Yan Kingdom was standing by and waiting for the opportunity to devour Great Shang.

If Wanyan Jin went into an alliance with the Yan Kingdom, Great Shang would end up trapped from all sides.

Long Yang would not willingly watch Great Shang be destroyed just like that after he had put in the effort to build the country with his own two hands.

Wanyan Jin was very confident about this. He was sure that Long Yang would not give up the chance of forming an alliance with Danjue.

The ambassadors were also convinced by those words and felt much more reassured and no longer worried about the ties with Great Shang being broken.

However, the ambassadors continued to advise him before they left, “Since Princess Luosang is here for a political marriage, it’s not necessary for her to marry the Emperor of Great Shang. It doesn’t matter who she marries as long as it’s a political tie to Great Shang.”

They were aware of the relationship between Wanyan Jin and Wanyan Luosang, and were worried that he was guided by emotions over his sister.

Wanyan Jin said nothing.

Once the ambassadors left, Wanyan Luosang walked into the room.

She knew her brother had been in a meeting with Great Shang to negotiate an alliance and wondered how it went. She asked, “Big Brother, how did the meeting go?”

Wanyan Jin knew what she really wanted to know. He glanced at her and told her truthfully, “His Majesty from Great Shang is greatly opposed to you being married into the Palace. He might not agree to it.”

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