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Chapter 944: 944

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Wanyan Luosang was taken aback, but quickly followed behind.

She found it slightly strange that big brother was suddenly acting so friendly.

However, she was too occupied with the reason for Lu Liangwei being here and did not think much of it.

Lu Liangwei’s carriage was parked outside the coaching inn, waiting quietly. Chu Jiu stood at the side with her sword in hand while behind her was a group of alert palace guards.

Wanyan Jin approached the carriage and paused when he saw the carriage blinds shut tight. He bowed and gave a fist in palm salute. “Wanyan Jin greets Her Highness.”

Lu Liangwei’s voice could be heard coming from within the carriage. “There is no need for formalities, Prince Wanyan. Since Princess Luosang is here, you can come into the carriage.”

Her musical soft voice floated into his ears as Wanyan Jin quietly clenched his fists.

He was not able to see her, but her voice alone was enough to tug his heartstrings in her direction.

She had a face that could launch a thousand ships, and even her voice was music to the ears.

Her beauty could easily attract anyone who saw her face and her voice had often been overlooked.

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He did not expect her voice to stand out so much when she was just sitting in the carriage without even revealing her face.

Wanyan Jin had never heard such a sweet-sounding voice before.

He suddenly had a strong opinion that this was what a woman should be like.

He could tell that the woman in the carriage was trying to distance herself, but the naturally sweet and soft female voice had hidden that aspect in her tone.

Wanyan Luosang frowned, thinking about how arrogant Lu Liangwei was acting.

Her big brother had bowed at her without putting on any airs, and yet Lu Liangwei was unwilling to even show her face.

Wanyan Jin wanted to listen to more of Lu Liangwei’s voice, but she had stopped talking.

For some reason, he felt disappointed.

He straightened up and looked deeply at the blinds that blocked the carriage’s interior.

“Luosang, you shouldn’t let the Empress wait for too long. Go into the carriage.” He turned his gaze away and gave Wanyan Luosang a push.

Wanyan Luosang was a little unhappy with Lu Liangwei’s attitude, but she still climbed up the carriage unwillingly under the warning gaze of Wanyan Jin.

Chu Jiu lifted the blinds for her to enter.

Wanyan Jin stood at the side of the carriage as he helped Wanyan Luosang into the carriage by holding her arm. His gaze saw through the corner of the carriage’s blinds and he could finally see the woman sitting within.

She sat quietly in the middle of the carriage, donning a light, pastel-colored palace wear. It highlighted the beauty of her pinkish, jade-like petite face. However, there was a calmness on her face that did not match her actual age.

Wanyan Jin quietly observed her as he felt this woman was covered in layers of contrast.

Yet, there was a strange charm to her that always attracted the attention of any onlooker.

She seemed to detect his observing gaze as her bright eyes looked over at him with indifference.

Her gaze did not flicker, which made Wanyan Jin feel slightly awkward.

He quickly lowered his eyes and felt a little embarrassed.

Wanyan Jin did not recover from the sight even after the carriage was long gone.

He stood where he was for a long time.

He had never thought he would one day act so out of character.

The thought of the moment he met the woman’s eyes made him suddenly nervous, and he felt a little troubled by it.

He had never felt unsettled before, let alone when facing a woman.

However, he had truly felt that emotion just now, from a woman who was only sixteen.

The thought of the woman’s indifferent gaze made him feel a little incredulous.

How could a woman of such a young age hold herself in such a manner? This was something that truly opened his eyes.

Since then, the image of Lu Liangwei was engraved deeper into his mind.

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