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Chapter 947: 947

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Her relationship with Long Qingzhi was considered close before the coup, but due to her big brother, Long Qingzhi’s anger was somewhat transferred to her as well. Long Qingzhi never looked kindly at her whenever they met.

That was why Wanyan Luosang had never visited the Grand Princess of Ning Mansion even though she had arrived at Great Shang.

If not for Lu Liangwei today, she would never have stepped foot here. She did not want to see a Long Qingzhi who was unhappy with her.

“Qingzhi, I’m here to visit you and Zhi’er.” Wanyan Luosang tried to ignore her discomfort and went forward to hold Long Qingzhi’s hand affectionately.

Long Qingzhi avoided her quietly and responded in an indifferent tone. “Zhi’er and I are doing well. Thank you for thinking of us.”

Wanyan Luosang felt a little awkward.

“Sit down, everyone,” Long Qingzhi said and approached Lu Liangwei to help her get seated on a chair. After that, she took over the teacup from her servant and served it to Lu Liangwei.

“I know you can’t drink tea because of your pregnancy. I’ve gotten my people to specially make you some floral tea. Have a taste. Do you like it?”

“Thank you, Royal Sister. This is nice of you.” Lu Liangwei smiled as she took the teacup.

Chu Jiu stopped her and took out a silver needle to test it with poison. She gave it to Lu Liangwei only after she was sure it was safe.

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Long Qingzhi was not bothered by this when she saw it.

After all, Weiwei was pregnant with her brother’s heir. It was always better to be careful.

Wanyan Luosang tried to create trouble by saying. “Aren’t you being too careful, Your Highness? This is the Grand Princess of Ning Mansion. Are you worried that the Grand Princess would poison your tea?”

This time, Lu Liangwei did not have to say a word. Long Qingzhi’s face was grim as she voiced out first, “Princess Wanyan, there is no need for you to create tension between us. The Empress is pregnant with the imperial heir and this is something of great importance. It is not wrong to be extra careful. Besides, even if I mean no harm to the Empress, there are quite some people in the mansion and there is no guarantee that there would be someone who means to do her harm.”

Wanyan Luosang choked as she felt shameful and angered at the same time. She had never thought that Long Qingzhi would not care for her pride at all, and spoke to her in such an unfriendly manner in public.

“That’s not what I meant. I just felt that Her Highness was being too careful…” Her lips forced a smile.

Lu Liangwei glanced at her nonchalantly and gave a small smile. She did not bother to argue over this with Wanyan Luosang, but instead took a sip of her tea. She placed her teacup down and looked toward Long Qingzhi, asking gently, “By the way, Royal Sister, where is Zhi’er? I haven’t seen him since arriving at your mansion.”

“Zhi’er is taking an afternoon nap.” Long Qingzhi was smiling once again as she turned toward Lu Liangwei.

Long Qingzhi remembered what had happened the last time and hesitated before continuing. “It’s a rare occasion for you to be out of the Palace. I’ll bring him over to see you.”

“Alright. I haven’t seen him for quite many days and I do miss him. Do bring him over here if he has woken up, Royal Sister.” Lu Liangwei said with a smile.

“Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back soon,” Long Qingzhi was happy that Lu Liangwei paid attention to Zhi’er.

Long Qingzhi had her personal reasons. Zhi’er could never return to Danjue again, after all. He would need to depend on her brother and Weiwei in the future. Moreover, Weiwei was pregnant with the imperial heir. If it was a boy, he would be the future Heir Apparent of Great Shang. She hoped to nurture a good relationship with Weiwei. With their protection, Zhi’er would have a better future.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Alright.”

Lu Liangwei gave Chu Jiu a look after Long Qingzhi left.

Chu Jiu retreated quietly.

She quickly caught up to Long Qingzhi. “Grand Princess, the Empress has something for me to tell you.”

“What is it?” Long Qingzhi looked at her in surprise.

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