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Chapter 952: 952

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Everything had happened in a split second, and Wanyan Luosang did not even get the chance to speak.

Her accompanying maidservants and guards were all stunned and unable to comprehend what was going on. All they knew was that their princess had suddenly attempted to assassinate the Empress of Great Shang.

Her attendants were horror-struck as they watched their princess being dragged out, but in that moment of panic, they had no idea what to do.

Long Qingzhi had already collected herself, and with Zhi’er in her arms, she rushed toward Lu Liangwei, her face pale. “Weiwei, are you all right?”

“I’m fine. Don’t worry, Royal Sister.” Lu Liangwei seemed to regain her senses only then, and she reassured her with a smile.

When Long Qingzhi heard this, the tension in her subsided. However, she was still unable to recover from her shock, and her heart was still pounding as she recalled that perilous scene. How dare Wanyan Luosang? How dare she attempt to assassinate Weiwei?

Moreover, Weiwei was pregnant, and Long Qingzhi could not imagine what her brother would do if anything had happened to Weiwei.

Wanyan Luosang could have brought about her own destruction alone, but she just had to drag the Grand Princess Mansion down with her.

Long Qingzhi was infuriated.

“Would you like to get examined by an imperial physician?” Long Qingzhi cast an eye over Lu Liangwei anxiously, worried that she might have so much as a graze or bruise on her.

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Lu Liangwei was a little apologetic to see her so frightened, and she shook her head quickly. “No, I’m fine, really. I’m sorry for what Zhi’er had to go through today.”

Long Qingzhi was confused for a moment, but she soon realized what she meant and was instantly filled with mixed emotions.

Everything that had happened today was Weiwei’s plan all along.

First, she had ordered Chu Jiu to deliver a message to her, telling her to make Zhi’er stand outside the living room when they arrived there instead of rushing in immediately.

It was not long before they heard Wanyan Luosang’s words, which immediately destroyed Wanyan Luosang’s place in Zhi’er’s heart and forced him into confessing how she had instigated him to poison Brother.

For the past few days, she had tried to make Zhi’er tell the truth, but he would always refuse to reveal it.

She did not expect that Weiwei would be able to make him speak so easily today. In fact, she did not even need to coax him at all.

She had to admit that Weiwei’s strategy was excellent.

However, although she knew that everything that had happened earlier was part of Weiwei’s plan, there was also Wanyan Luosang’s sudden hysteria and assassination attempt…

Weiwei could not have arranged for that to happen too, could she?

The thought of that possibility made Long Qingzhi tremble.

However, how did Weiwei do it?

More importantly, Weiwei was only sixteen this year. How could she be so cunning?

All of a sudden, the girl seemed like an enigma to Long Qingzhi.

She was clearly just a young girl…

“Royal Sister, Zhi’er’s probably frightened. Please comfort him properly. I have some business to attend to, so I’ll be returning to the palace first.”

Lu Liangwei’s voice pulled her back to reality.

Long Qingzhi came back to her senses. “All right. Be careful, then. Zhi’er, say goodbye to your aunt.”

Wanyan Zhi was still huddled up in Long Qingzhi’s arms, his face full of desolation. Her heart ached at the sight, and she had no choice but to say apologetically to Lu Liangwei, “Too much has happened today, and he still can’t wrap his head around it.”

Lu Liangwei nodded in understanding, overwhelmed with guilt to see the little boy so dispirited.

She had indeed taken advantage of Zhi’er today. Her purpose was to get him to tell the truth, but she had not expected that his father’s beloved horse had already died long ago.

Zhi’er was still a child, and hearing such news must have dealt a terrible blow to him.

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