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Chapter 956: 956

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Lu Liangwei shuddered at the thought of what could have happened.

Long Yang effortlessly grabbed her flailing fists as he narrowed his eyes, staring darkly at her. “You still dare question me? If you really cared for the child, you shouldn’t be acting so out of line.”

Lu Liangwei was taken aback as she looked into his icy gaze. She suddenly understood what he meant and raised an eyebrow, asking incredulously, “You aren’t jealous of Jiu, are you? She’s a woman. How could you be jealous of a woman too?”

Long Yang’s handsome face darkened as he suddenly put her down and turned to leave.

Lu Liangwei breathed a quiet sigh of relief. She was about to follow him out when the man suddenly turned back to her.

A shadow loomed over Lu Liangwei and before she realized what had happened, she was pressed against the side of the carriage. The man’s clean, dominating scent bombarded her at full force, enveloping her entirely.

Lu Liangwei’s eyes widened in shock.

Outside the carriage, right after Chu Jiu was kicked out, one fat and one thin figure came flying toward her and caught her just in time.

Even then, all three lost their footing and were sent stumbling backward from the aftershock before finally stabilizing themselves.

Chu Jiu felt her vital energy and blood churning inside her body. She quickly directed her vital energy to stop the turbulence within her.

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Despite that, some blood still dripped from the corner of her lips.

Zhao Qian flung his numbed arms about and looked at her in astonishment. “Jiu, what exactly did you do to make Master angry enough to kill? If not for me and Lil Qi being at the right place and the right time, you would have lost your life right here.”

Chu Jiu knew very well that His Majesty had been intent on killing her then.

Fear crept into her heart at the thought of this. She looked gratefully at Zhao Qian and Chu Qi. If not for them, her veins would have popped and she would have ended up dead.

The thought still frightened her quite a bit.

“I didn’t do anything.” She smiled slightly bitterly.

“Why would Master be so enraged if you did nothing?” Zhao Qian could not believe her.

Chu Qi looked at her questioningly as well.

Chu Jiu hesitated before explaining, “Her Highness was tired on her way back, so I let her lie on my thighs for a short rest…”

Her voice got smaller when she saw the shocked expressions on both their faces. Chu Jiu was convinced that it was best for her to lay low for the near future. Otherwise, His Majesty would definitely kill her if he suddenly remembered the ‘inappropriate’ behavior between her and the Empress today.


“I’ll leave things here to both of you. I need to leave first.” Chu Jiu did not dare to stay a second longer and quickly disappeared.

Zhao Qian recovered from his shock and could not help shaking his head and sighing. “That girl is just too brazen. How could she allow the Empress to lie on her thigh? She must be tired of living.”

Did Chu Jiu not know that their master was a very petty man? She had some nerve to allow the Empress’ noble head to lie on her thigh. That was a truly thoughtless move. No wonder their master was so angry that he wanted to kill her.

Chu Qi stood where he was, clutching his sword. When he heard Zhao Qian’s words, he shot him a look and blurted pointedly, “How are you sure that she’s tired of living and that it was not because she harbored a desire for the Empress?”

Zhao Qian looked at him in astonishment. “Do you mean…”

Chu Qi smiled. “Chu Jiu might be a lesbian.”


Zhao Qian, “…”

He looked at Chu Qi, wide-eyed, and said with disbelief, “Lil Qi, do you even know what a lesbian is?”

The corner of Chu Qi’s lips twitched. What was important was not whether or not he knew what a lesbian was, but rather that he knew Zhao Qian would be worried about Chu Jiu, the girl he had treated as his own daughter.

When the fair, plump face came close to him, Chu Qi pushed it away with a finger and said, “Why has Chu Jiu never shown any desire to marry? She’s lived like a tomboy all her life and now, she has been spending day and night by the Empress’ side. Her heart might have been swayed after looking at the Empress’ face every day. You were the one who adopted her, so you should be responsible for her to the very end.”


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