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Chapter 962: 962

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Lu Liangwei was not moved.

His story might be pitiful, but they stood on opposing sides and she could not pity him.

Moreover, Prince Wanyan was not a good man.

She said coldly, “So, Prince Wanyan wants to exact revenge on me for your sister?”

Wanyan Jin did not reply but looked deeply at her as he shook his head. “I would never bite off more than I can chew, but I promise you, that one day you will regret this.”

Lu Liangwei was not ruffled by his threat. He was saying so because he could not do anything to her.

She looked at her calmly. “Are you done?”

Wanyan Jin kept looking at her because he wanted to see the fear and panic on her face, but he was disappointed. He observed her the entire time, but he had not seen any fear on her face, not even a trace.

She was not bothered at all by his words.

Wanyan Jin did not know what to say at that moment.

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The woman standing in front of him was the same age as Luosang, but possessed a calmness and intelligence that Luosang did not have. If Luosang had been half as calm as she was, she would not have ended the way she did today.

He thought about this regretfully and could not help saying, “Luosang is just a lass who has been spoiled. She is not someone who schemes about.”

Lu Liangwei replied nonchalantly. “If she isn’t someone who schemes about, would she have influenced His Majesty’s nephew discreetly to poison him? If she isn’t, then I would need to rethink what a real schemer looks like. Don’t tell me that you had no idea that Wanyan Luosang had poisoned His Majesty, Prince Wanyan.”

“Also, have you ever heard of something called parasitic venom, Prince Wanyan? Princess Luosang’s real purpose was not only to possess His Majesty but to also eliminate me. Wanyan Luosang is your sister. If someone else were to treat your sister this way, I believe you wouldn’t have said what you just did, would you, Prince Wanyan?”

Wanyan Jin choked.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave, Prince Wanyan.” Lu Liangwei did not give him another look as she left with Zhu Yu.

She understood what Wanyan Jin was trying to say. Wanyan Luosang was the only sister he acknowledged, and now, she had died at Great Shang. He could not allow her to die for nothing.

He was probably waiting for her here today to tell her that he would have his revenge in the future.

Lu Liangwei was not bothered by his words.

If she was scared, she would never have taken action against Wanyan Luosang.

Moreover, she did not believe Wanyan Luosang was innocent.

Wanyan Jin’s eyes narrowed as he watched the woman walk further and further away. His throat suddenly began to itch once more and he leaned against the tree trunk as he coughed violently.

The servant in charge of taking care of him came rushing by right then. “Prince Wanyan, what are you doing here? I had a hard time looking for you.”

“I wanted to visit the lavatory but could not locate it and ended up coming here,” Wanyan Jin stopped coughing and replied casually.

The servant did not suspect anything. “Allow me to assist you.”

“It’s fine. I’m feeling much better now.” Wanyan Jin straightened up and headed toward the imperial study.

Lu Liangwei immediately ordered someone to send word to Ling Lihua the moment she returned to Grand Phoenix Palace.

Zhu Yu poured her a cup of warm water.

Lu Liangwei sat down on her bed and took the cup. She slowly drank from it.

Zhu Yu could not help but ask when she remembered the instructions Lu Liangwei had given the servant. “Was the parasitic venom Wanyan Luosang used really given to her by Lu Yunshuang?”

“According to Wanyan Luosang’s description, there’s no mistake it was her,” Lu Liangwei said in an indifferent tone. Since Lu Yunshuang had appeared, she thought of asking her mother to order the House of Swallow Snow and hunt down Lu Yunshuang. Lu Yunshuang would continue to be a scourge if she was not annihilated.

When Zhu Yu heard this, she said with heated rage, “I can’t believe she still refuses to live peacefully after being lucky enough to stay alive. Although, the real stupid person here is Wanyan Luosang. She had no idea at all that she had been made use of.”

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