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Chapter 963: 963

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Lu Liangwei massaged her forehead. Given Lu Yunshuang’s personality, she would never quit as long as she was alive.

As for Wanyan Luosang, she had poisoned the Emperor because she wanted to replace her, right?

Wanyan Luosang thought that the Emperor would forget her or kill her in a frenzy after being poisoned by the parasitic venom. In this way, Wanyan Luosang would be able to take advantage of the opportunity and make advances to him.

It was a good plan, but she ended up losing her own life.

Wanyan Luosang’s motive was not that difficult to guess – her target had always been the Emperor.

As for Lu Yunshuang, her target was Lu Liangwei herself.

She had used Wanyan Luosang to poison the Emperor so that he would go berserk and kill Lu Liangwei by mistake.

It was indeed a vicious and sinister plot, almost impossible to guard against.

However, little did they know that because the Emperor had once been poisoned with Frostbite, she had given him an antidote that made him impervious to hundreds of poisons. Although parasitic venom was not among those hundred poisons, the antidote still reduced the venom’s effects by half, that was why the Emperor was not affected too badly. He may have forgotten her, but he had never gone mad and hurt her, and in fact, he still had feelings for her deep down.

If the Emperor had not happened to have taken the antidote, she probably would not be sitting here unscathed right now.

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Therefore, although Wanyan Jin said that Wanyan Luosang was not a scheming person, she had indeed resorted to using a child to make the Emperor get rid of her, all for the sake of her own goal.

How was she innocent?

She suddenly thought of something, and her brow furrowed. “Why did Lu Yunshuang have parasitic venom? Where did she get it from?”

Parasitic venom originated from Southern Xinjiang, and it was not easy to obtain it.

Then how did Lu Yunshuang get it? Had she been to Southern Xinjiang?

Just when Zhu Yu was about to speak, she saw her mistress standing up abruptly with a grim expression. “Crap!”

“What’s wrong, Miss?” Zhu Yu was apprehensive.

“Since Lu Yunshuang was the one who gave Wanyan Luosang the parasitic venom, it’s very likely that she knows the cure for it. Then the guiding herb…” Lu Liangwei’s face turned pale, and she said to Zhu Yu, “You must leave the palace right away and find my mother. Tell her that Lu Yunshuang is probably heading to Southern Xinjiang, and she must notify the House of Swallow Snow to hunt her down with all they can, but don’t let Father and Grandmother find out.” Although Lu Yunshuang was not her father’s daughter, she had still grown up in the Grand Duke Mansion, and Lu Liangwei was worried that the truth would make her father and grandmother sad.

Zhu Yu’s expression became solemn. “Leave it to me, Miss. I’ll leave the palace this instant.”

“Very well. Hurry.” Lu Liangwei was a little uneasy.

The Grand Duke Mansion.

Zhu Yu arrived right after the palace messenger left, and Ling Lihua could not help getting anxious. Thinking that something had happened to Weiwei, she hurriedly asked, “Is Weiwei all right?”

Zhu Yu was a little out of breath after rushing all the way there. Seeing how worried Madam was, she quickly shook her head. “Don’t worry, Madam. Miss is fine. She ordered me to leave the palace because…” She took a few steps forward and whispered in her ear.

Ling Lihua’s face hardened. “I see. You can go back and tell Weiwei not to worry. I’ll give the orders right away.”

Zhu Yu nodded. She had yet to even step through the mansion doors, but she was already starting on her way back to the palace.

Grand Phoenix Palace.

Lu Liangwei had not gotten the chance to rest at all for the whole day. She had planned to have her meal early so she could go to bed right after.

However, as soon as it got dark, Long Yang came over.

Lu Liangwei glanced at him in bewilderment when she saw him walking in.

The sight of her sitting there and staring at him in surprise made Long Yang a little uncomfortable.

Why was she not delighted? Was he not welcome here?

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