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Chapter 964: 964

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The thought of that possibility brought a frown to Long Yang’s face, and he shot her an ominous look.

Lu Liangwei was puzzled by his glare. Remembering something, she stood up reluctantly and curtsied to him. “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

When Long Yang saw this, his face darkened even more.

Lu Liangwei was baffled by his displeasure.

When she did not curtsy, he was unhappy; but when she did, he was still unhappy.

Ever since this man was poisoned, he had become more and more unpredictable.

Long Yang walked past her and sat down in her seat.

Lu Liangwei straightened up and turned to look at him, bemused by his surly expression.

However, she soon recalled the afternoon’s events. Was it because the signing of the treaty had not gone well?

When she thought of it that way, she was instantly relieved.

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He was probably troubled by state affairs.

Seeing her standing there, Long Yang frowned and finally said in a low voice, “Come here.”

Lu Liangwei had no choice but to walk over to him. “Is everything all right, Your Majesty?”

Her polite tone only made Long Yang felt more irritable.

Pursing his lips, he suddenly reached out and pulled her into his lap, his strong arms wrapping tightly around her waist.

“You owe me an explanation for what happened today,” he reminded her.

Lu Liangwei paused, then raised a hand abruptly to touch his face. “Are you angry at me for acting on my own?” She was referring to the Wanyan Luosang incident.

Wanyan Luosang’s death did not matter to Long Yang at all, but he could not help dwelling on the fact that she had risked herself to lure Wanyan Luosang into assassinating her.

How could this girl be so bold?

If Wanyan Luosang had really hurt her…

The grim expression on his face deepened, and he gripped her hand and said warningly, “Lu Liangwei, don’t you ever risk yourself again.”

Meeting his impenetrable gaze, Lu Liangwei suddenly realized that he was worried about her.

It was just that his way of expressing it made it difficult for others to understand his concern.

Now that she was aware of his intentions, Lu Liangwei no longer cared about his attitude. Reaching out, she wrapped her arms around his neck and said teasingly, “Are you worried about me, Your Majesty?”

All of a sudden, Long Yang was nervous to see the girl’s face just a few inches away from his.

Wasn’t she a little too close?

The faint scent of her unique fragrance was more distinct than ever as it wafted up his nose and threw his mind into a whirl.

His breathing started to grow a little disordered.

Breaking out of his daze, he braced his hand against the bed behind him and leaned away from her.

Lu Liangwei’s eyes glinted slyly when she sensed the change in his behavior.

In the past, she was always the one being driven into a corner, but now that they had switched roles, she found it quite enjoyable.

The further he leaned back, the closer she moved toward him.

Seeing that their lips were about to touch, Long Yang inhaled sharply and pulled her arms down hastily. To conceal his embarrassment, he scowled and reprimanded her hoarsely. “Keep your hands and feet to yourself. You’re not behaving like a dignified empress at all.”

Lu Liangwei stopped.

Who was the one who could not keep his hands to himself in the carriage that afternoon?

Thanks to him, her lips were still swollen until now.

Arching an eyebrow, Lu Liangwei glanced at him and corrected him seriously, “I didn’t move my feet.”

“You…” That was all Long Yang could utter before the girl swiftly sealed his lips with her own.

The initial surprise on his face was soon replaced by a blush that gradually crept up his cheeks. He wanted to scold her for her impertinence, but he was so mesmerized by the sweet and soft sensation on his lips that he could not resist it at all, and his words ended up getting stuck in his throat.

A while later, Long Yang lay in bed, his clothes disheveled and desire lingering in his eyes. For a long moment, he was unable to recover his senses.

As for the girl who had stirred him up, she had already slipped away.

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