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Chapter 976: 976

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Jiang Chong only mourned for a moment over Lu Yunshuang’s death. Most of what he felt was annoyance.

Lu Yunshuang was but a discarded chess piece of the Prince of Xuyang. The reason Jiang Chong came here to protect the father and daughter duo was because Zeng Lunan was still useful to them.

Jiang Chong felt that there was one burden on them now that Lu Yunshuang was dead.

“Mr. Zeng, the dead cannot be revived. Please accept my condolences.” Jiang Chong suppressed his impatience and consoled him in a low voice at the thought of the plans the Prince of Xuyang had.

Zeng Lunan did not seem to hear any of his words. He hugged Lu Yunshuang’s body and did not move. He was filled with sorrow and regret.

He should have talked Shuang’er out of this. If they had not come looking for Chen Qiyu, Shuang’er would not have suffered such a terrible death.

However, he had thought Chen Qiyu was a weak woman who could not protect herself, so he let Shuang’er be.

Who would have thought a master at martial arts would suddenly appear at the crucial moment?

Zeng Lunan ended up being stopped by him and could only watch wide-eyed as Shuang’er was tormented all the way to her death…

Zeng Lunan was suddenly filled with hatred.

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Jiang Chong could not afford to waste more time on him. He had to return to Xuyang immediately to protect Long Chi.

He was about to continue talking to Zeng Lunan when his subordinate suddenly said, “We can hear horses galloping this way.”

Jiang Chong gave a start and instructed, “Take Mr. Zeng away.”

He had just given the orders when another group of men in black suddenly arrived.

They began to attack without uttering a word the moment they appeared.

Jiang Chong’s expression hardened; he quickly ordered his subordinates to stop the men in black from approaching them. He dragged Zeng Lunan to his feet and attempted to leave.

“Mr. Zeng, come with me. Keeping yourself alive is the only way you can get revenge on behalf of Lady Lu.”

Zeng Lunan refused to continue living. His daughter was dead. What was the point of him living in this world?

He began struggling.

The situation was dire and Jiang Chong’s eyes narrowed. His hand hit Zeng Lunan behind the neck with a stiff chop.

Zeng Lunan blacked out and Jiang Chong flung him over the back of a horse, then rode off.

Lu Yunshuang’s body was left in the mud, lying there all alone. Both combating parties stepped on her quite a few times during their fight.

The newly arrived group of men in black made short work of all the elite soldiers from Xuyang Mansion left behind by Jiang Chong.

“That woman must be the one called Lu Yunshuang, the one our House Leader ordered to be killed at all costs. Since she’s dead, our mission is considered accomplished. We can return to report this.” The man leading the group stared at Lu Yunshuang, who was now mutilated beyond recognition. His tone was icy and had no warmth, as if describing something normal that happened every day.

Even though her face was now a bloody mess and was unrecognizable, her right arm was gone. He checked the spot where her right arm was supposed to be severed and confirmed that it was a clean cut. The clean, tidy cut matched the information they had received.

Moreover, judging by the route they had followed, there was no doubt that this was Lu Yunshuang.

The group were assassins from the House of Swallow Snow.

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They had received orders from their House Leader to travel toward the direction of Southern Xinjiang to kill Lu Yunshuang no matter what it took.

It did not matter how she died, as long as the target was dead, they had the result they wanted.

It was not long before the batch of assassins from House of Swallow Snow left the scene as well.

Soon, the sky turned completely dark. A few wild dogs came over and dragged Lu Yunshuang’s body into the forest nearby and began feasting on her.

The sound of wild dogs chomping on the corpse could be heard through the darkness.


At another location.

Zhao Heng did not send Chen Qiyu back to the Chen Village after he rescued her. He was leading her to Jade Moon Villa instead.

Even though Chen Qiyu was not really injured, she was still covered in Lu Yunshuang’s blood. She looked completely disheveled.

However, she had taken revenge for herself and had finally achieved her desire by stabbing Lu Yunshuang to death. Her appearance may look disheveled, but her eyes were bright and alive, and she looked particularly spirited.

Zhao Heng was so mesmerized by her that he could not turn away.

Even though her dress was dirty and her hair was in a mess with bloodstains all over her, Zhao Heng thought she looked particularly beautiful and unique right now.

He did not even notice the tenderness that was in his eyes when he looked at Chen Qiyu.

Chen Qiyu turned toward him unexpectedly. When she saw him looking at her so deeply, her heart sank.

She had been feeling quite spirited after stabbing Lu Yunshuang to death, but now, her heart was starting to feel heavy.

Her eyes dimmed slightly as she remembered her past. Chen Qiyu began to feel a little inferior.

A woman like her did not deserve Zhao Heng favoring her.


Jade Moon Villa was not far away from the little city and they arrived before long.

When they entered the Villa, Zhao Heng instructed his servants to take Chen Qiyu away to clean her up.

Chen Qiyu did not object.

She felt much calmer after taking a bath and her heart began to settle down. There was no delight nor sorrow on her face. She was eerily silent.

Zhao Heng had also finished cleaning up and was sitting on a chair outside, his demeanor lazy and carefree. His gaze turned gentle and a smile appeared on his face when he saw her walk out.

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