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Chapter 79: 79 Wu Mountain Canyon, Warbeast King Level 6!

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79 Wu Mountain Canyon, Warbeast King Level 6!
On the Armored Giant Turtle, in a small cubicle, Mu Xuan looked out of the window and revealed a vigilant expression. He knew that Wu Mountain Canyon was the most dangerous area in the entire Yangtze Waterway.

Next to his feet, the Sky Leap Dragon Polecat was already prepared. In its arms was the beautiful Knowing Destiny Butterfly.

In the past, thirteen large-scale demon beast attacks had occurred here, and no less than 2,000 people had died.

Later on, the Dragon Country established the Yangtze Waterway Escort Team to specially attack demon beast groups that dared to cause trouble on the Yangtze Waterway. In the end, the 117 demon beast groups inhabiting the Yangtze Waterway Passage were wiped out. Three monarch-level demon beasts were killed, and countless beast kings and overlords were killed. After that, the Yangtze Waterway Passage was completely stable.

However, the reproduction ability of demon beasts was too strong. In just a few years, more demon beasts came out to cause trouble. Although there was a cleansing every few months, there were still fish that escaped the net and attacked the passenger ship.

The owner of the Armored Giant Turtle chuckled and said, “Don’t worry too much. I’ve been on this route for 15 years. This is the last trip. I’ll prepare to retire after this…”

“Don’t speak!” At this moment, a rude voice interrupted the ship owner’s speech. A girl who was rolling her eyes said angrily, “Can you not be such things randomly? You’ll end up dragging us down with you!”

The boat owner immediately said awkwardly, “Hehe, hehe, I’m sorry. I couldn’t help but say it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the armored tortoise under his feet suddenly let out a roar. It was filled with pain, and then it swayed violently…

The sudden shaking caused a few of the nearly 100 passengers on the giant turtle’s back to be thrown out on the spot. The others were also flustered.

Even the owner of the ship was stunned and forgot to comfort the armored turtle.

However, Mu Xuan could see very clearly that under the Armored Giant Turtle, dozens of pieces of information about demon beasts had appeared!

[Dragon Mark Water Monkey]

Species: Water/Dragon

Level: Overlord Level 8

Bloodline: Beast King Level

Quality: Outstanding

Skills: Water Cannon, Dragon Mark Power, Inspiration, Dragon Might Intimidation, Great Vortex

Introduction: It was originally an ordinary water monkey, but it was lucky enough to devour a dragon heart and successfully awaken the dragon bloodline, becoming a dragon-type demon beast. Its strength increased greatly.

[Yangtze Swordfish]

Species: Water

[Dragon Whisker Water Demon]

Species: Water

[Ice Claw Lobster]

Species: Water

Among the dense demon beast information, Mu Xuan immediately saw the strongest demon beast. The unique information panel made Mu Xuan’s heart skip a beat.

“If I sell this demon beast, I might be able to exchange it for a few resources!” Mu Xuan

Mu Xuan didn’t hesitate at all and immediately summoned the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon. “Little Spirit, freeze the water surface! Focus on attacking the underwater demon beasts!”

“Little Cat, wait for an opportunity to capture that Dragon Mark Water Monkey alive! I’ll give you an extra meal when the time comes!”



Immediately, a mighty and domineering dragon appeared above the Armored Giant Turtle, shocking most of the passengers.

In the next moment, the huge dragon opened its mouth and an extremely cold power surged down. In an instant, it actually froze the area within a few hundred meters of the Armored Giant Turtle!

Then, an even more terrifying scene appeared. Someone with sharp eyes discovered that blue flames were actually ignited under the ice!

Mu Xuan nodded in satisfaction. The Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon’s first appearance was not bad.

Suddenly, Mu Xuan looked to the other side and saw that the girl who had been berating the ship owner earlier was actually also controlling two wind-element beasts to kill dozens of demon beasts with endless wind blades.

Mu Xuan subconsciously took a few glances and revealed a surprised expression. This girl’s strength was actually not weak! Although she couldn’t compare to him, she was still much stronger than ordinary people.

[Qin Xi]

Species: Human

Level: Commander Level 9

Beast: Wind Chasing Snow Falcon (Overlord Level 9), Sky Green Bird (Overlord Level 6), Green Light Spirit Sparrow (Overlord Level 4)

[Wind Chasing Snow Falcon]

Species: Wind/Snow/Falcon

Level: Overlord Level 9

Bloodline: Beast King Level

Quality: Outstanding

Skill: Lightning Speed, Snow Retaliation, Whirlwind, Wind Demon Claw from the Heavens, Gale Thunderstorm Snow

Introduction: A Falcon beast unique to the Snow Wind Mystic Realm. It accidentally awakened the bloodline of the Snow Wind Divine Black Falcon and has extremely strong potential and combat strength.

“Could this girl Qin Xi also be a new student of Eternal Academy?!” Mu Xuan couldn’t help but take a few more glances and guess.

In the distance, Qin Xi seemed to have also discovered Mu Xuan. She smiled at Mu Xuan, surprising him.

At this moment, a silver-white kitten crawled out of the void. Behind it was a Dragon Mark Water Monkey imprisoned in space. At this moment, the Dragon Mark Water Monkey looked dispirited and was trapped in the imprisonment space.

The Sky Leap Dragon Polecat called out proudly to Mu Xuan, as if it was saying, “How did I do?”

Mu Xuan couldn’t help but laugh. He praised the little guy, “Little Cat, well done. Let the Dragon Mark Water Monkey out!”

Mu Xuan took the opportunity to put the Dragon Mark Water Monkey into his temporary Beast Taming Ring and looked around. With the help of Mu Xuan, Qin Xi, and the other beast tamers, the demon beasts were basically suppressed this time.

However, just as everyone was about to cheer, the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon in the air suddenly let out a warning roar. It was vigilant of something in the water, making Mu Xuan’s heart tremble.

To be able to make the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon reveal such an expression, it was definitely not an ordinary demon beast. The most likely possibility was naturally… a beast king-level demon beast!

In the next moment, under everyone’s exclamation, a huge demon beast with a ferocious head emerged from the water and roared at the Ice Ember Frost Star Dragon. It was filled with provocation and greed!

Mu Xuan’s heart suddenly sank. He had guessed correctly. It was indeed a beast king-level demon beast, and it was even an inferior dragon!

[Green Water Golden-Eyed Beast]

Species: Water/Spirit/Inferior Dragon

Level: Beast King Level 6

Bloodline: Beast King Level

Quality: Outstanding

Talent: Water Control

Skills: Green Water Flowing Light, Dragon Cry, Blood Eye Golden Eye, Sea Strike Triple Wave, Water Dragon Roar

Introduction: An inferior dragon demon beast with the bloodline of the Jade Water Heavenly Dragon. It even awakened the water control talent. Originally, it had been sleeping in the Yangtze Waterway Passage to purify its dragon blood and evolve into a true dragon. However, it was stimulated by a pure-blooded dragon beast passing by. The quasi beast king-level pure-blooded dragon stimulated the greedy beast nature of the Jade Water Golden-Eyed Beast!

“What kind of demon beast is this?”

“Beast king level. This is definitely a beast king level demon beast!”

“Beast king patterns, look at those beast king patterns! 1, 2, 3… Six beast king patterns, there are a total of six beast king patterns. Why would a level 6 beast king appear in the Yangtze Waterway Passage?!”

“It’s over, it’s all over. We’re all going to die. We’re all going to die. Boohoo…”

At this moment, everyone on the Armored Giant Turtle was in despair. They all recognized the strange patterns on the surface of the powerful demon beast’s body. Those were beast king patterns!

There were a total of six beast king patterns, indicating that this demon beast was as high as a level 6 beast king!

Even the young girl, Qin Xi, couldn’t help but look worried. Could the handsome boy opposite her defeat a level 6 beast king?

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