Zhanxian - Chapter 570.2

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Chapter 570.2: 570.2

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*Yang Xi’s New Hope

With Yang Xi’s current popularity in the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was naturally easy to find the culprit who planned against him back then. It seemed that everything was secretly arranged by the Wine Immortal House.

However, Yang Xi also knew that the Wine Immortal House was just an executor at most, and Yang Chen was the real mastermind behind the scenes. But who was Yang Xi? It was not an exaggeration to say that it was necessary to report and he had to get back some capital in the Wine Immortal House.

The Wine Immortal House’s branch in the Greatest Heaven Sect was immediately put in difficulty, and people kept asking for trouble. Speaking of which, the Wine Immortal House’s people were really powerful, and they were definitely unique in inquiring about news, so it was quickly understood that Yang Xi was arranging the people.

After reporting to Senior Jiuxian, Senior Jiuxian instructed them to first tread carefully, make a good relationship, and then see what Yang Xi’s idea was.

With the instructions of Senior Jiuxian, the branch shopkeeper in the Wine Immortal House side immediately went to visit Yang Xi with a heavy gift. Their posture was very low, and they kept saying good things, explaining that they also took over a business, and they did not intend to target Yang Xi.

After experiencing such low-profile pleas several times, Yang Xi’s revenge was finally satisfied, and he no longer bothered with the Wine Immortal House. However, he gave the Wine Immortal House a business, he wanted them to find the location of the descendant family of an old devil.

This kind of task of finding someone, the Wine Immortal House was the best at it. Although the target was in the Demon Sect’s territory, it seems a little troublesome, but it was not a problem for the Wine Immortal House.

In recent years, the Wine Immortal House has developed a lot, not only the territory of the monster race, but also the bow of the demons has penetrated a lot. Many demon cultivators simply have the temperament of being a mother if they have milk.

Soon a large and well-conceived net was laid out on the lower domain of the demon sect, in order to find the whereabouts of a secluded family.


However, it was really not that easy to find this kind of family that has gone through tens of thousands of years. The Wine Immortal House has said that from the beginning, this kind of thing may take a little longer and asked Yang Xi to hold on. Yang Xi had no objection, just asked them to find it as soon as possible.

Yang Xi’s strange request was also reported to Senior Jiuxian immediately. Senior Jiuxian knew that Yang Chen and Yang Xi were at odds, so the news about Yang Xi was very important, and they were sealed up and sent to the Pure Yang Palace, indicating that Yang Chen should pay special attention. He believes that when Yang Chen returns to the Pure Yang Palace, he will be able to see it.

The core elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect have indeed been preparing for the formation. Hundreds of carefully selected formation masters in the sect, all selected those who are loyal to the sect. All made an oath to never reveal what they were about to study, before they are allowed to touch the formation.

After the secret research of hundreds of formation masters, this formation was completely effective, and even just studying this formation has improved the collective realm of the hundreds of formation masters in the Greatest Heaven Sect, which was incomparably wonderful.

Such a powerful formation, other sects can’t recognize it at all, it’s a shame not to use it. As long as they can be careful and not use that special eye. This formation can almost become the most powerful resource of the Greatest Heaven Sect. It was not impossible for him to surpass the other four sects in the future.

Materials needed for the formation, after hundreds of years of searching around and the sect’s frugality, it finally got together. The next step was to arrange the split formations of large formations in various places. When the eyes of the formation were completed, it could continuously provide the Greatest Heaven Sect with an inexhaustible spiritual power.

This was a long-term and complicated task, and it will take decades just to set up the formation, they should not be careless. Fortunately, the hundreds of formation masters were already irritated by the bright prospects of the formation, and their eyes were red.

At least Yang Chen had already discovered the traces of this formation when he sent Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan back to their respective sects. At that time, Yang Chen was secretly delighted, but his face was unmoved. The big fish of the Greatest Heaven Sect finally took the bait.

After 90 years of experience in the mortal world, Yang Chen has also improved a lot in terms of mood. The short life of mortals has almost gone through a cycle of reincarnation in a few decades, which made Yang Chen have a different feeling.

The ultimate demonized demon vine will be purified in about 20 to 30 years, and the few demon orbs under three feet in Yang Chen’s hands have also been purified by Yang Chen. He plans to wait until he returns to the sect to use these demon orbs to refine a batch of pills to increase cultivation.

It has to be said that these things that are contaminated with demonic qi are very special. Whether in the mortal world or in the spiritual world, Yang Chen had never heard of anything that could increase one’s cultivation. Only in the immortal world, after the rank of some medicinal pills passed the seventh grade would they be so magical.

Directly increasing the cultivation base has always been a taboo in cultivation, and this will breed the mind of unearned gain and affect the state of mind. Second, this kind of one sounded unreasonable, and Dao cultivators have never had an idea in this regard. Of course, the most important thing was that there was nothing that could achieve this effect, not even 100,000-year-old ginseng and ganoderma lucidum.

The demon orb was obtained from a demonized monster, and there was absolutely no taboo in the mood to use it, but it still had such a magical effect, so Yang Chen naturally had to study it carefully. Fortunately, his current spiritual cultivation base was enough for Yang Chen to distract himself, without delaying his cultivation, research, or even chores.

The two girls have been away from the sect for a long time. For such a long time, they have cultivated together with Yang Chen. Although no one will say anything, they have not contributed to the sect in the slightest. When they go back this time, they have to do some sect quests and add some sect contributions.

As for Yang Chen, this problem does not exist at all. The contribution he made was enough for the sect master to pass the sect leadership to him directly. The prosperity of the sect was developed on the basis of Yang Chen, how much contribution should be made by him again?

When Yang Chen brought Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling back to the Pure Yang Palace, what Yang Chen saw was a scene of more and more prosperity of the sect. Everyone’s faces were full of happiness, and the whole sect seemed to be very positive.

The first thing he did when he went back was to meet Gao Yue’s master, Yang Chen’s master ancestor. As Yang Chen’s wife, Gongsun Ling also followed Yang Chen and Gao Yue to meet Wang Yong immediately.


“You came back? It’s good to come back, it’s good to come back!” It’s almost a hundred years since he hasn’t seen them. The state of the master Wang Yong looks very good, there was a vague feeling that his cultivation base was about to break through, but there are some stumbling blocks.


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