Zhanxian - Chapter 621

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Chapter 621: Chapter 621: Slaves Or Maids

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Chapter 621: Slaves Or Maids

Yang Chen did not expect that the three major sects would be such rogues, they directly gave seven beauties to himself, and let Yang Chen decide whether to make them slaves or maids. Although this reflects the importance and favor of the three major sects for Yang Chen, it also directly pushes Yang Chen to the opposite of the seven fairies.

Yang Chen has already “occupied” four fairies. This matter has made many cultivators dare to be angry and dare not speak out. Now he has stretched his claws to the names of Fairy Junqi, Fairy Aoki and the five Murong faires, it was intolerable and unbearable.

Yang Chen began to have a headache, how to arrange the seven women has become his biggest trouble now. What was even more irritating was that Gao Yue, who was his wife and master, not only does not help him solve his troubles, but even fuels the flames.

“Since their sects say so, then you will accept a few of them as slaves” Gao Yue’s bright eyes rolled, as if she had returned to being a naughty girl, and said with a smile “I also really want to try it, the taste of being served by several Dacheng stage fairies.”

Speaking of this, it was because of Gongsun Ling. Gongsun Ling’s geographical map of mountains and rivers was really too powerful. After so many years of sacrificial refining, it has become very mature. Recently, Yang Chen has pushed Gongsun Ling’s spiritual awareness to the second grade human Immortal realm, making her more and more handy in controlling the geographical map of mountains and rivers.

The guys who were trapped in the geographical map of mountains and rivers became the victims of Gongsun Ling who had nothing to do but to spar. Having experienced the Demon Continent herself, Gongsun Ling’s combat power has skyrocketed. In the geographical map of mountains and rivers, it was purely her who abused so many masters of the Dacheng stage.

In the end, those masters were also beaten by Gongsun Ling, they all became obedient. Everyone also knew that they were in the illusion constructed by Gongsun Ling, and no one had any means to escape, so they joined together and started to study some cultivation methods together.

After the attack was launched, the scene of the five Dacheng stage masters who rushed in saw that one of these masters was revealing his cultivation experience. It was conceivable that this occasion was interrupted by a few of them like clowns, and how furious these guys who had been suppressed by Gongsun Ling but who were all-powerful in the Demon Continent were.

Without further ado, these masters surrounded them, without much spiritual power, they directly beat them upside down with fists and feet, their noses and faces were bruised, and after countless times of madness, they were thrown out to wait for Gongsun Ling. How could the poor five guys have thought that, with their dignified identities as Dacheng stage masters, they would one day be beaten by this kind of people into this kind of virtue?

After Gongsun Ling subdued the masters of the Dacheng stage, she naturally had to enjoy their service. This made Gao Yue very envious, but she didn’t have such a powerful magic weapon as the geographical map of mountains and rivers, so she could only watch Gongsun Ling enjoy it, or when Yang Chen was there, she also followed. As for herself, she never mentioned it to Gongsun Ling on her own initiative. Although Gao Yue also knew that as long as she spoke, Gongsun Ling would definitely agree, but she was not willing to lose face.

“Do you really want it?” Yang Chen didn’t think Gao Yue was joking. In fact, as long as Gao Yue proposed, Yang Chen would definitely spare no effort to help Gao Yue achieve it. But this matter made Yang Chen very embarrassed, so he had to confirm Gao Yue’s attitude “Aren’t you jealous?”

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“Hmph, you accepted them, at best it’s just a few concubines, can they still compete with us?” Gao Yue has absolute confidence in this regard, she can learn from Yang Chen’s obedience to her attitude. She felt Yang Chen’s intentions, so there was no psychological pressure.

Speaking of which, Gao Yue still cherishes Yang Chen, but there was no other way around it, Yang Chen’s body has been transformed by the life essence of more than 20,000 immortals, and some aspects were too strong, so that Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling, Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan were not a match for Yang Chen. Although the way of double cultivation does not make people indulge in carnal desires, Gao Yue also does not want Yang Chen to be so suffocating all the time.

Gao Yue was also aware of the grievances between the Pure Yang Palace and the Greatest Heaven Sect. Just like the attitude of the master ancestor Wang Yong, Gao Yue was also in the same line. Since they can’t touch their roots for the time being, they will be charged some interest first. Letting Fairy Junqi from their sect become a slave was a small interest. Anyway, it was delivered to their door by them, it was not considered a robbery.

It was precisely because Gao Yue was aware of the grievances between the Pure Yang Palace and Greatest Heaven Sect, so she was more willing to join forces with other major sects to fight the Greatest Heaven Sect together. In this regard, Shi Wushuang and the Murong Five Sisters are good mediators. As long as they accept them sincerely, they will inevitably get the help of the Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect in the future.

Of course, the power struggle of the big sect was very cruel and complicated, and this incident fully illustrates this point. The sect master was not allowed to do it, but someone below them can control it and has to do it. If this move can win over a few people inside the sect, it was always good.

The attack on the Pure Yang Palace caused the cooperation between the Pure Yang Palace and the five major sects to drop to a freezing point. Although they still cooperated according to the original agreement, everyone could feel the invisible gap.

The Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect were particularly in a very difficult situation. The good situation was ruined by a few guys who acted without authorization. Hundreds of years of hard work to maintain the current relationship, once destroyed, to make up for it, they don’t know how much effort it will take. Thinking of this, the sect masters of the two major sects wished they could smash those disobedient guys into tens of thousands of pieces.

Elder Hua of the Blue Cloud Sect did not suppress her anger, and almost turned the sect upside down. The elder who called the shots, all his old acquaintances and friends, have all been investigated, and the direct execution implicated just about punishing nine clans. Elder Hua was even more stubborn, and said whoever dares to make her disciples unhappy in the future, then don’t blame her for taking action, so that the family in charge will never have to be unhappy.

The Green Jade Immortal Island was even more embarrassed. It was not until the investigation was carried out in the sect that the core elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island discovered that Bei Shuangyu and Liu Zifang, who should have been punished. After staying there for less than a month, they were let go, and their whereabouts were still unknown.

What’s more outrageous was that even the jade tablets marked with their primordial spirit disappeared, making it impossible for the sect to track their whereabouts by relying on the jade tablets.

What could be more challenging to the authority of the island master? In a fit of rage, the Island Master and Elder Min joined forces to almost uproot the people of Bei Shuangyu and Liu Zifang. All the heads were sent to the Pure Yang Palace. It’s good to be a sect expert, but the fewer sect experts who eat inside and outside, the better.

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